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    I am a Mod Developer. If you have problems, ask!

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  1. Umm.. I suggest you don't post it unless you can actually download. This won't help.
  2. Please read the whole post. I tried to re-make the code in 1.6.4 in 1.7.2. And I only see that possible with IDs.
  3. Hello there! I have a problem adding slabs. I've made them: they have texture, no lighting bug etc. But they cannot stack on each other, and to fix this I have to do (this works for 1.6.4): Item.itemsList[mySlabId] = new ItemSlab(mySlabId - 256, (BlockSlab)halfSlab, (BlockSlab)doubleSlab, false) However, this code isn't working for minecraft 1.7.2. I have tried Item.itemRegistry.addObject(Block.getIdFromBlock(mySlab), mySlab.getUnlocalizedName(), new ItemSlab(halfSlab, (BlockSlab)halfSlab, (BlockSlab)doubleSlab, false)); but it doesn't work. Please help me. Best regards, Mateiaru
  4. Also the download link is broken. Please remove the "" from the link and add : after the https! So it should be: [url=https://www.mediafire.com/download/laluuc9sa75eb21/daftcraft-1.7.2-B0.90.jar]click here to download[/url]
  5. I'll download your mod as soon as I will can. I can make a wiki for your mod if you want. Just tell me what to add and if you give me permissions to make it! Mateiaru
  6. New version will be released soon! Upcoming features: + Cute Trees! + Cute Wood and Leaves! + New mobs: Cute Zombies! + New flowers! + New building blocks! + And more! Download current version:http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download#Download Changelog:http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download#Changelog Features:http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Upcoming_Features Mod talk:http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Dogs_Mod_Wiki_talk:Community_Portal
  7. New update: 1.1 Beta! + added textures for cute grass & dirt + added cute stone and cobblestone + added dog block chunks + and more! http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download
  8. New version released: 1.0 Beta! -- Features: -- + The Cute Dimension - finally added! (Sorry for the bad textures) + Cute Dogs & Puppies with breeding and taming! + And More! Download link: http://worldofdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Download Please reply on this forum or here what should be added next! Current plans are: textures and dimension fixing!
  9. Oh... thank you I have the biomes like that: public static BiomeGenBase mybiome = new MyBiome(); so clearly this is wrong. I'm such a noob. I'll test this as soon as possible. Thank you again. Mateiaru
  10. The cuteDirt variable is in my main mod class. It is initialized and registered in preInit. CuteDirt is another class. this.fillerBlock in in my custom biome constructor.
  11. I'll post the download link as soon as possible (about 2 hours) because I am experiencing some problems with the gradle compiling.
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