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  1. Pretty good looking implementation. I'll switch my mod over to it as soon as it seems like enough people have switched to a supporting forge version. I wonder if there's any stats on that.
  2. The way the code currently works, you write your own WorldProvider, and register it with e.g. DimensionManager.registerDimension(7, new WorldProviderTwilightForest(), true);. There are some functions that have to do with the sky or spawn points, that I'm already using, in that WorldProvider class. Others, which I am requesting, are locked away in the World class. As for using DimensionManager.setWorld, that seems to be something used internally on the server. I might be able to use it to inject a custom class which could control respawning coordinates, but that wouldn't work in singleplayer. Further all the sky stuff is clientside-only.
  3. Hi, I'm the developer of the Twilight Forest mod. I ported my mod over to Forge a few months ago and it's been great. Things have been so much easier, and I'm really grateful for everyone's hard work. Recently I was looking through my code for stupid hacks to eliminate, and I found some! In my code, I override the World class, and use some dumb hack methods to replace it in the client with my custom World, when the player is in my dimension. The methods I could use hooks for are: World.calculateSkylightSubtracted() World.func_35464_b() which has something to do with sky lighting. World.getSkyColor() World.getStarBrightness() World.getSealevel(), since that's only used for horizon rendering. I could ask what some of these functions are even doing in the World class. Could we make a hook that lets maybe the WorldProvider for that world override them? What would take that one step further would be if I could get a hook for RenderGlobal.renderSky(), the way the End dimension has a custom sky. Finally, although it's unrelated to sky rendering, I'm also overriding World.setSpawnLocation() and World.getSpawnPoint(). I have less of an idea as to how you'd handle the hook for those, but I'd still like one. Also, a pony.
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