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  1. Oops. Apparently giving air a tile entity is a bad idea. I'm not sure why I couldn't find that error. Anyway, giving the salt condenser an actual block Id that isn't 0 fixed the problem thanks for pointing that out.
  2. I'm not using any ArrayLists All this is is a slight modification to a furnace to produce salt from nothing if certain conditions are met.
  3. When I run minecraft with my WIP mod, it starts normally. The main menu loads fine, but when I create or load a world, it returns to the main menu and freezes. I'm using forge for 1.5.2 Here is my console printout: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/e8e95498 Here is my code: https://github.com/Mageling/Large-Factory The error doesn't occur if I tell minecraft not to load the salt condenser
  4. there isn't a .log anywhere. I'll try again in a day or so. I think MultiMC replaced my 1.3.2 jar with a 1.3.1 jar
  5. I just started recoding my mod to forge, but at the first test install, i got a NullPointerException on login using MultiMC crash report: I am using forge #193 here is the the source: I am not sure where the error is...
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