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  1. They wont help you the have theyer protocoll. when there stay modifiered jar than they stop reading. do it the old way. download forge client. put it with modloader in the jar. delete meta-inf and decompile it. that work. the forge installer is broken. and if they delete the comment i pm you.
  2. If i could test per day 8 ours i do not need to ask. but i can test maybe at the week 2/4 ours. the most goes to test the pickaxe thing here and installing forge which is at the moment a pain to install it. hope you help me. thank for reading this.
  3. Belive me or not. i downloaded a untouched jar from the www . i puted inside /mcp/bin. and started the forge installer. and ok sry cant read spioler with my mobil phone thats why i dont like them.
  4. thank you for the answer. but can you show me how i have to write it? like i did my second post. thanks.
  5. this make it to an ultimate fist: public boolean canHarvestBlock(Block par1Block) { return true; } how can i make it for only rock? Please answer...
  6. without modloader and a new jar of 1.2.5 and minecraft forge 3.3.7
  7. package net.minecraft.src; import net.minecraft.src.*; public class ItemTest extends Item { public ItemTest(int id) { super(id); setHasSubtypes(true); setMaxDamage(0); } private String[] names = new String[] {"name", "name1", "name2", "name3",}; public String getNameIS(ItemStack itemstack) { return names[itemstack.getItemDamage()]; } public float getStrVsBlock(ItemStack par1ItemStack, Block par2Block) { return 5.0F; } public boolean onBlockDestroyed(ItemStack par1ItemStack, int par2, int par3, int par4, int par5, EntityLiving par6EntityLiving) { par1ItemStack.damageItem(1, par6EntityLiving); return true; } @Override public int getIconFromDamage(int i) { if(i==0) { setMaxStackSize(64); return mod_test.item1; } if(i==1) { setMaxStackSize(1); return mod_test.item2; } if(i==2) { setMaxStackSize(1); return mod_test.item3; } if(i==3) { setMaxStackSize(1); return mod_test.item4; } else { setMaxDamage(10); setMaxStackSize(1); return mod_test.item5; } } } this is the code and the metadata item is like an shovel... now i need to tell it its an pickaxe... Lex it works.. like i want it! but now i need to tell it that it can breaks a rock.. how?
  8. Hey short question if something is possible. i say it bevor i write my question. if it is possible than please explain how it works. and if not say it please = end of the post. and thanks to read. here the question. is it possible to make if drops. not normal i mean crafting a bucket out of tin and the bucket breaks (how ever and drops something) it will drop tin. but if you make the same bucket out of iron it will when it break drop iron. here my idea how the code can look like ( public void itemCraftedwilldrop(par1item, par2itemresult par3drop) { if Item.bucketEmpty.shiftedIndex, UsedItem.tinIngot.shiftedIndex, drop.Item.tinIngot.shiftedIndex; Else Item.bucketEmpty.shiftedIndex, UsedItem.ironIngot.shiftedIndex, Drop.Item.ironIngot.shiftedIndex; } ) thanks for reading
  9. 3.3.8 is for 1.2.5 or why does it work on it? i don't like fml. i got to much problems with it. I update to 1.3 when it seem me stabel enough and i finished my mod. got lots of work. got a Darkmatter pick. with metadata items. only that it get damage is now but got help only tests are needet.
  10. i got modloader installed and i need it. thanks for the answer.
  11. How can i make my mod SMP? Just Items, with and without metadata, blocks, with and without metadata, and few tools and weapons and armor. not more. no GUI.
  12. Metadata can used as item damage and itemdamage can used as metadata more details and i use google translate.
  13. Sry was gonna sleep. i mean that metadata and tool uses (like axe) work together. Sry my english knowledge is not good enough to explain it with more detail. and if you understand something wrong sry.
  14. i do not like to asj. maybe try to add that metadata and uses do not strike them self out. mean make team work.
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