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  1. I recently tried updating a mod pack manually, and some of the mods required a new forge version, however, I'm now constantly getting a net.minecraft.client.renderer.color.BlockColors mentioned in my error logs, with a new mod every time I disable one. I've gone through doggy talents, bonsai trees, and now even flux networks, and there seems to be no end to it. I'd rather not have to disable half my mod list in order to play the game. Any help? I'll post the current log as well: https://pastebin.com/MPPjHjEC Using minecraft 1.15.2 Tried forge versions,, and
  2. That's just it, though. It's not going to be a standard, but a medium in which already existing standards can connect. The post you made above is what happened to Universale Electricity. In this mod, I would simply be giving modders the means to easily convert one type to another, as THEY want it. It's more of a connector than a new standard. This mod doesn't actually add any of its own systems to the game, it simply gives a way to convert one mod's item type to another. The mod authors are the ones who decide what that conversion will be. As in the title, this is an "API" compendium, not a
  3. Ok, so I've been watching the modding community for a long time now, and I believe I have an idea that might help. I may or may not work on this in the future, but if I do, I'll need a lot of support from the various mod authors who use forge, though I will be making most of the mod myself. The idea is, as there are many, many mods out there, with their own APIs, and systems of doing things, this mod will try to do three things: 1. Make it easier for addon/mod authors to make cross-compatibility mods, by grouping many different mod's apis together, as one option. 2. Group mods with the
  4. Actually Lex, after looking through a bunch of vanilla minecraft code for a while, it became clear to me that minecraft itself actually supports most of what I wanted, as most of the block variables are set to public by default, meaning they can be changed at any time from any class file, so long as they are imported. In addition, I have 9 years programming experiance, and while I may not be very good at it, I do have the benefits of experiance, and through that I have learned that when you have a game's source code at your fingertips, you can potentially turn something like minecraft into som
  5. Ok, so I've recently started back up work on my "Great work" of a mod, Inficraft II: Modular Infinity. It's a mod where the player can literally take any block in the game, and give it pretty much any property he/she/it wants. Basically, think Carpenter's Blocks, but strapped to Tinker's Construct, inside Thaumcraft's Lair, with Natura trying to sneak by EE3 to untie Tinker's Construct, while an Greg Tech Nuclear reactor is having a meltdown, on Galactic Craft's Moon, and you'll have the amount of possibilities with this mod when it comes to customizablity. Suffice to say, I've been working
  6. http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Common_Oredict_names It is a continuing list of Ore Dictionary names. It also has some guidelines so your Ore Dictionary Entries are easily found by others, so that people, who have never heard of your mod, are now compatible with it anyways. Forge ore dictionary is for anything! Crops, types of stone, elemental compounds, ore dusts, electricity definitions, and virtually anything else! Trust me. I've been through the confusion of the ore dictionary. I know people are looking for this info.
  7. I have noticed an increasingly large number of mods that add their own growables to the game. (That word is now my property via copyright law). Things such as fruits, like oranges, corn, barley, and other such things. I have also noticed that the kind of mods these are in range from tech-mods(xycraft) to magic/dimesnional mods (Lion King Mod) to simple newbie noobs mods (such as a food mod.) This being the case, I can't see a way for the mod authors to come together to solve this issue by adding compatability between themselves. For this, I think a dictionary similar to the forge ore dicti
  8. Hiya. I've been toying with mods for a while, and I noticed something: While forge does allow for ores to be used in the same manner, it does not allow this for ingots. For instance: If you use 2 Industrial Craft Copper ingots, and 1 RedPower copper ingot, and 1 piece of tin from either, it will not create bronze. If the directory was extended to use ingots as well, than all the problems about not being able to use ingots from different mods with each other would be resolved. Along with this, I have noticed that mods that have their own energy system are also not compatible. You need t
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