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  1. i create gui screen but this Guiscreen is not available on this servers.
  2. guiscreen can not be run on the server.
  3. how to run server ? https://github.com/thepdone/OnerGamer/tree/master/src/main
  4. How to use this ClientCommandHandler ? please give me sample.
  5. If me will create command in client how to do ? Support for @Override
  6. I do not want you to bring the whole project. but I want only the necessary code of send packets to the server and let it set the blocks.
  7. .setBlock(); no use in void actionPerformed() forasmuch setBlock it is World , int , int , int , Block . .setBlock(); it must use World int int int Block . if actionPerformed(World , int , int , int , Block) will not available button how to fix ?
  8. OK I Need to know. am sorry https://github.com/thepdone/scr.main.java
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