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  1. Found the problem. When I put the class files in the zip, I failed to have it in a directory named as my base package name. Once I fixed that, it worked fine.
  2. I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem I ran into making a mod. This is the first time I've tried making a proper Forge mod and also using Eclipse so I'm sure I'm just missing something. When I run Minecraft from within Eclipse, everything runs fine, but when I'm running in a normal environment with the zip in the mods folder, I get a crash when it tries to load the mod. Minecraft version: 1.6.2 Forge version: (both in dev environment and installed) ForgeModLoader-client-0.log
  3. Won't creating an extending class just add a 2nd type of witch hut that has chests? Witch huts are pretty rare and should probably stay that way - I want to get rid of all witch huts without chests Same thing with the Mineshafts right? I'll have to brush up on event handling. I haven't really messed with it for ages. Is there a good way to find all of the various events generated for different situations? Once I get a good handle on events (programming pun?), knowing what events are available should help a lot.
  4. I wanted to know if there were any good tutorials out there that show how to do this properly since with 1.6.x, it's now the only way to do so with Forge. I've looked at this one: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1854988-tutorial-162-changing-vanilla-without-editing-base-classes-coremods-and-events-very-advanced/ I can probably manage to use the ASM method editing for some of the things I need to do like change a couple values, but for changing out an entire class is not well explained and following the example did not even work for me. Some of the changes I want to make are: Adding a loot chest to witch huts Endermen drop the block they are holding as an item when killed Reduce the rate of cave spider spawners in mineshafts Rare drops from digging dirt Water buckets work in the Nether, but cannot change lava to cobble/obsidian Coal blocks work like netherrack when lit I'm not a professional programmer, but I'm no beginner either although I have very little recent experience in Java programming other than what I've managed to accomplish in my mod. I've only recently started using Eclipse, but I'm liking it a lot so far.
  5. Yeah yeah. Copy-paste heaven and structure sucks. It's been like 10 years since I had a college course in Java. I'll learn better coding skills if/when I get a full time job writing code. The main reason for this reply is because with the deprication of DungeonHooks, this all changes. The only way I can think of doing the same thing now is to either add one of every possible enchantment of every possible tool/armor/weapon or to create some kind of new fake item which replaces itself with an enchanted item when created. Not even sure if that would work. So with the current structure, is it still possible to add dungeon loot that will have a random enchantment applied when generated? If so, any hints?
  6. Bug is present in for 1.4.5 as well as prior versions for 1.4 at least. Structure components with chest loot often generates stacks with a quantity of 1 when there should be more. The type of items is the same as Vanilla however (close to spawn at least) As proof, check the blacksmith chest at 78, 174 on a new regular world with a seed of "kingpunchwood" The obsidian and saplings are the correct quantity, but the iron ingots, apple and bread all are a quantity of 1 where in vanilla, it's two or more in each stack. The result is that all chests generated with the same structure component code have far less loot than they should. Tested as I said with on Minecraft 1.4.5 without any other mods installed.
  7. Got enchanted dungeon loot thanks to the recent changes in Forge (4.2.x) Thanks for that LexManos! I had to brush up on sub-classes and such to get it going but I'll put what I found here (if that's ok) The override class: Then to reference it, add a method to your code: Then if you want to add, for instance, randomly enchanted bows, you could use: addEnchantedLoot(new ItemStack(Item.bow),100, 1,30, 10); where 100 is the weight (chance it will be in loot) 1 is the minimum enchantment level 30 is the maximum enchantment level 10 is the percent chance the item will have any enchantment
  8. A potential modification to DungeonHooks applied to Forge build 194 https://www.box.com/s/b1c06809d6ad5e249e22 Adds enchanted loot and an easy way to add lots of types of potions. I use it with my mod to add a bunch more stuff to dungeon chests.
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