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  1. thank you ^^ that worked greatly o/
  2. Hello there, I want to begin modding for Minecraft and I just started to do so. I managed to create a simple block, but now I want to change its texture for a custom one made by me... I downloaded a blank template for the terrain.png and made my new textures, but how do I implement this texture in my block? @Override public String getTextureFile(){ return "/newtexture.png"; } This is what i have in the my new block class file for the texture, but I am not sure where to put the newtexture.png file and i think that there should be something in my main class init function for it to work... Can someone tell me what to do?
  3. Well, solved the problem by upgrading my account to premium ^^
  4. When running from MCPatcher, it loads perfectly When running from Mojang launcher, it crhases
  5. Well, i am getting this error when installing Forge for the 1.3.2 version of Minecraft =/ I tried to install it using Winrar and removing the META-INF folder, no success... Tried to install using MCPatcher, it runs correctly when testing in the MCPatcher, but when i close the MCPatcher an run Minecraft normally, it stays in the black screen forever =/ I don't know if this can help, but i got the content from ForgeModLoader-client-0.txt
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