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  1. When I created a chunkloader for 1.6.4, I created a class and had it implement 'net.minecraftforge.common.ForgeChunkManager.LoadingCallback'. WorldEvents: public class WorldEvents implements LoadingCallback { @Override public void ticketsLoaded(List<Ticket> tickets, World world) { //TODO: somthing when the tickets are loaded } } Immobile Entity (Loading a block should be the same. Note: this only loads on chunk): ... if(!worldObj.isRemote) { Ticket ticket = ForgeChunkManager.requestTicket(AdvancedRocketry.instance, this.worldObj, Type.NORMAL); if(ticket != null) ForgeChunkManager.forceChunk(ticket, new ChunkCoordIntPair((int)this.posX / 16, (int)this.posZ / 16)); } ... Hope this helps...
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