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  1. It seems the outdated Forge download link from tfcraft led me astray in the beginning, and MagicLauncher screwed me later. Using 4.0, and skipping MagicLauncher seems to be working so far. I can get to the main game screen. Thanks. So, Forge is incompatible with SKMCLauncher? Is there a better alternative, or is it recommended to simply do a manual .jar install?
  2. I've been trying to install Terra Firma Craft for 3 days, which requires Forge. I can't count how many install methods I've tried for Forge. Any time that the forge mod is installed in any configuration, alone or with ModLoader and/or tfcraft, MC freezes at the 'Done Loading' screen. My current goal is to simply start MC running only Forge (and Forge's prerequisites, if any). I am confused about the installation process because there are many instruction sources and versions. (Even the 'Main Forge Download' thread on this forum links to v3.4.9.171) I've tried, and 171. (Final commit: 1.2.5) and, and 206 (Final commit: unlisted) I'm still not sure which one is right for me. Does Forge require ModLoader? It seems that the most recent versions do not. Will Forge run with 1.3.1 or 1.3.2? I've tried both, but not 1.2.5 (I don't have it. Is it required?). The thread titled "Forge 4.0.0 Minecraft 1.3.2" seems to imply that Forge v4.0 should be compatible with 1.3.1 or 1.3.2. Am I mistaken? I've tried installing directly to the .jar file manually using winrar and 7zip. I've downloaded SKMCLauncher v3.1.5 (exe) (Magic Launcher) and applied the mod through there. Do I still need the ModLoader.txt file to get support? My understanding was that ModLoader is no longer a prerequisite of Forge. I tried to follow the logfile instructions from here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1194059-beginners-guide-to-posting-a-crash-log/ but I get the following errors: MagicLauncher is the only way I know to acquire a log file: [EDIT] After searching the .minecraft folder for 'log', I found 3 files (all seem to have the same content) 'ForgeModLoader-client-[0,1,2].log': What am I doing wrong? Thanks for you help. [EDIT] I deleted the meta-inf folder when not using SKMCLauncher. I've tried installing to 1.3.1 on one machine, and 1.3.2 on another machine.
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