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  1. Why did I think that sender in a single player environment is an instance of DedicatedServer? PEBKAC I guess.
  2. The subject bar is not long enough for my question In CommandBase.execute, the sender argument can be an instance of EntityPlayerMP or DedicatedServer depending on where the command is run. If the command is ran from the server command line, sender is DedicatedServer but if the command is ran from single player chat, sender is also DedicatedServer. How can I discriminate between these two? My command can't be ran from the server cli because the server sends a message to the client to do some rendering that wouldn't be available server-side.
  3. Yeah because I haven't pushed any code that uses the packet system to my github because I have a jenkins server that autocompiles whenever I do a push and I didn't want people to download builds that would compile but not run.
  4. I'm sending the packet via a SimpleNetworkWrapper object. Originally my mod was to be all client side and it was working fine, the items and blocks were being rendered without a GUI but when I tried to add IndustrialCraft 2 support, none of its machine recipes were available so I'm making my mod require a server component to accurately get all the recipes.
  5. I plan to update to 1.10.2. My mod exports item, recipe and mod information to JSON files to be used by a web application which also uses the item/blocks' icons to make it easier to tell what it is you're choosing which I use some OpenGL for. The recipes are collected server-side and then sent to the client. When this is done the server sends a recipe list completion packet then the client exports item, block and mod info then renders all the icons and saves them to files.
  6. I need to do some OpenGL stuff in one of my packets (rendering items/blocks and saving them to files) but the OpenGL calls fail because there's no opengl thing associated with the thread, so I need to do this stuff on the main thread. I know you have to schedule an object through the World object or something but I'm not sure how to actually do it.
  7. I might need a hint as to what classes I should look at. I suspect the I18n class and LanguageMap class in net.minecraft.util.text.translation
  8. I tried passing in an ItemStack, that wasn't it List<String> languages = new ArrayList<String>(); languages.add("en_US"); Locale testLocale = new Locale(); testLocale.loadLocaleDataFiles(Minecraft.getMinecraft().getResourceManager(), languages); ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(Items.IRON_INGOT); FMLLog.bigWarning(testLocale.formatMessage("%s", new Object[]{stack.getUnlocalizedName() + ".name"}));
  9. Is it possible to get a list/array of all available languages and the display names of every item in every language without having to change the set language of Minecraft?
  10. For my resource dumper mod I'll need to add support for potions. In a previous iteration I had to hard code due to how horrendously bad potions were handled in 1.7. However now, potion sub types are handled through NBT tags and getting all the subtypes actually works properly now. But is there a way for getting the potion recipes yet? How do mods add custom potions?
  11. For my Resource Dumper mod I'm working on, I loop through the Item Registry then loop through each sub-type given by the getSubItems method and save each ItemStack in an ArrayList assigning it a random UUID. Then as I go through each recipe I look for the ingredient and the aforementioned arraylist to get the UUID. All of this info is stored in JSON files, the items (dubbed resources) in its own file and the recipes in its own file with the ingredients referencing items in the resources file. Now for the most part this system works perfectly. However my mod is not able to find information
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