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  1. SOLVED! It will be displayed as how it is ordered in the GameRegistry.
  2. I am a new to coding, I have done plugins before, but this is obviously different, so I do not know what many things are. I only know the 'basics'. I have tried to add this.displayAllReleventItems(arg0), but then I get errors with the String in the displayAllReleventItems. This is my code from the CreativeTab class package com.Greenadine.ExtendedItemsMod.CreativeTabs; import com.Greenadine.ExtendedItemsMod.ExtendedItemsMod; import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs; import net.minecraft.item.Item; public class TabExtendedItemsModItems extends CreativeTabs { public Tab
  3. [move][glow=red,2,300]Question:[/glow] Does anyone know how to organize items 'n stuff in a CreativeTab?[/move] Hey guys! I have added a few items to my Creative Tab in my mod, but they are all not organized; I want swords with swords, items with items and so on. How do I do that? I searched all over the internet, looking at many websites and tutorials, but I cannot find it.
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