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  1. The block ID is stored in the save, so when you reload the world with iron chests being other ID, the chests in the world is not of a valid block ID, so it simply disappears.
  2. I opened it in Eclipse and the files got poured into it. Anyway the outcome is favorable. Thank you.
  3. I don't know about "that folder", but it seems to me that I have found it. I was unsure because the "eclipse" folder was just empty and didn't know about the setting files could redirect eclipse to find that folder. Now I assume I just modify the code. Thank you all for trying to help. And now, an amateur programmer just leaped into the bottomless hole of Minecraft Modding.
  4. Well, I plan on learning it the hard way anyway. I did learn Java EE (up to frameworks like Struts and Hibernate) but I doubt it would be relative at all. So, in this context, I would say, I know Java's grammar and am quite familiar at Collection. (due to all the Java EE) I did spent a day or two trying to use Bukkit totally on my own and managed to make the following: 1. mining drops xp, farming drops xp, and one other action I couldn't remember 2. something like Lockette (except it's just a sign, no making it private, and with no text on it)
  5. Hi all, I am new here. Sorry if this post is not in the right section. Sorry if this post sounds really stupid. Sorry if my English is not good enough for you to understand. So, my question is, I have downloaded MCP72, I have downloaded Forge4.0.0.208(src), I have downloaded the jars, I have installed Forge successfully. I know how to do the modding part (or at least I could do alt+/ when I need to) But, how do I start? I checked the mcp72\eclipse folder, nothing. I checked the mcp72\forge\client folder, and I have no Idea what to do with the .java's. I would be
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