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  1. HI i'm from future (1.12.2) Now we can walk around client-only method problem by passing empty IMessageHandler instance at server side (CommonProxy) I'm not sure when registerMessage started to take instance of IMessageHandler. CommonProxy.java public void registerPacketHandler() { HungryAnimals.simpleChannel.registerMessage(HandlerServerDGEditInt.class, PacketServerDGEditInt.class, 0, Side.SERVER); HungryAnimals.simpleChannel.registerMessage(HandlerServerDGEditDouble.class, PacketServerDGEditDouble.class, 1, Side.SERVER); HungryAnimals.simpleChannel.reg
  2. you mean, i should mimic the algorithm of world random tick through WorldTickEvent?
  3. I want "tall grass" to grow on grass block naturally(on random block update). and I try this code : in @Mod.EventHandler public static void Init(FMLInitializationEvent event) { GameRegistry.addSubstitutionAlias("minecraft:grass", Type.BLOCK, new CustomBlock()); } (CustomBlock extends BlockGrass)
  4. I try to hook grass block's random tick event. I want to set a block on the grass when the event fired. I could find any built-in forge event about it. I also try "addSubstitutionAlias" to replace vanilla grass block, but I failed also. Please help me.
  5. I changed my code a little bit, public class TEMillStoneRenderer extends TileEntitySpecialRenderer{ private int light; private TEMillStone tileentity; @Override public void renderTileEntityAt(TileEntity tileentity, double x, double y, double z, float p_147500_8_) { //OpenGLdebugging.dumpAllIsEnabled(); this.tileentity = (TEMillStone) tileentity; GL11.glPushMatrix(); GL11.glTranslatef((float)x, (float)y, (float)z); TEMillStone tileEntityYour = (TEMillStone)tileentity; renderMillStone(tileEntityYour, tileentity.getWorldObj(), tileentity.xCoord, tileentity.yCoord, til
  6. I just learn some basic concepts of OpenGL. I use glPushMatrix correctly (to transform matrix). GL11.glDisable(GL11.GL_CULL_FACE) could be inserted anywhere in my code, but setBrightness, setColorOpque_F shoud be placed before tessellator.draw(). I set the orientation correctly so I don't need to disable GL11.GL_CULL_FACE. When I created a world, My model is rendered correctly a while, but after a while, it becomes strange. This is the image of proper rendering and wrong rendering. http://imgur.com/fYemWxM,J1iahuf#1 this depends on player's view point.
  7. does it matter? I don't know about advanced concept of OpenGL, I just use push/pop matrix method to transformer(translation, rotation) the model(vertex). And I get the model that i want, but texture. As player's view point, the texture sometimes is rendered properly, and sometimes not. Where should I insert? I have too many "glPushMatrix"
  8. Hello I'm trying to render custom tile entity with tessellator (not with ModelBase class) but the problem is texture(or lighting) The rendered tile entity has proper 3D Model, but texture. it's interesting that the texture sometimes rendered properly(but dark) with certain player's view(angle). It sometimes becomes white, black, brown, and pink. glColor4f(1.0f , 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f) doesn't work for me. No effect. public class TEMillStoneRenderer extends TileEntitySpecialRenderer{ private int light; @Override public void renderTileEntityAt(TileEntity te, double x, doub
  9. I found CommandPardonPlayer that contains next code: MinecraftServer minecraftserver = MinecraftServer.getServer(); GameProfile gameprofile = minecraftserver.getConfigurationManager().func_152608_h().func_152703_a(p_71515_2_[0]); if (gameprofile == null) { throw new CommandException("commands.unban.failed", new Object[] {p_71515_2_[0]}); } else { minecraftserver.getConfigurationManager().func_152608_h().func_152684_c(gameprofile); func_152373_a(p_71515_1_, this, "commands.unban.success", new Object[] {p_71515_2_[0]}); } and I think I can rewrite for my purpose :
  10. Hi guys. I ban player using next code: entityPlayerMP.playerNetServerHandler.kickPlayerFromServer("YOU ARE BANNED!"); I want to unban the player with his/her name and I found method: MinecraftServer.getServer().getConfigurationManager().allowUserToConnect(SocketAdress addr, GameProfile prf); but I think this method unban player with IP. Not the one I want.... Is there any method unban player with his/her name? or how can I use "allowUserToConnect" to unban player?
  11. I had a same problem with you! and finally solved it. I guess you tried to update your forge. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=14048.0 this will be helpful for you. and I suggest you to do "gradlew.bat clean" and then try "gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace and gradlew.bat eclipse" if you try to update, you should clean up the gradle first!
  12. For example, Players can't move apples(or other items) from their inventory to any kind of inventory except wooden chest. For this, I think hooking the event is needed. However the event is hard to find...
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