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  1. Search and you will find. http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Installation/Client LOL why i havent see that ? SORRY 4 flaming ... But all these awesome mods i want ... all these incompatible mods ... that is depressing
  2. I never had problems with MCPatcher... but even installing the other mods manually isnt working ... i hate it when some awesome mods incompatible with other awesome mods... such decisions are killing me ...
  3. I have only TWO questions: 1. Why the hell is this "Forge" incompatible with nearby all mods i wanted to installed at my minecraft client I only need the forge for the mods from CubeX2 (CustomStuff and MultiPageChest) but as i installed the forge i always get a blackscreen by only additional installing the better gras mod from MCPatcher ... 2. Why isnt there a simple "How to install" tutorial for installing the forge only for using it for other mods and NOT a confusing "How to" for installing it for development (the tutorial in our wiki) ? PS: sry 4 my bad english, i am german
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