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  1. Hey guys, i wanted to set up a server again and therefore was trying to install minecraftforge (Linux based). My problem now is that i can't find one single tutorial or help that show how to correctly install and get this stuff working for servers. What I found out until now is that it seems i need mcp (although i do not want to mod minecraft, just install finished mods). First i tried to install minecraftforge according to the readme file inside the archive (Build #204), which then failed because i had no mcp "installed" (never got mentioned anywhere i would need this). So i installed mcp and run the install.sh again -> it worked until the script was looking for the client version of the .jar. I put this jar in nearly every folder (uploaded bin and ressources folders from my clean client installation too) but it still says that it is missing the client jar. My question now is: Is there any tutorial on how to correctly install minecraftforge (that is complete and correct) on a server just to be able to install mods. Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance Phil
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