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  1. Hello, I wondered, how multi-block structures are made. So that a player places a specific structure of blocks, and then a single block appears. e.g. Water Wheels from Immersive Engineering. Does anyone have a tutorial or tips for that project. It should be for 1.7.10? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello, to test the RF implementation, I want to use another mod (the cables). I've tryed to install EnderIO, but if I start the Eclipse Minecraft Launcher, the game crashes with this error log: http://pastebin.com/bhpGwuzi Does anyone know why? Thanks, Mike
  3. I'm not exactly sure, what you've told me there. Could you give me a little code example?
  4. I tryed to get the coordinates like that: protected int xPos = this.xCoord; protected int yPos = this.yCoord; protected int zPos = this.zCoord; If I try to print it out in the console, al the values (X,Y,Z) are 0. Do you have any idea why? What am I doing wrong?
  5. Sorry, I forgot to include the Minecraft Version. I'm coding for the MInecraft Version 1.7.10. Does it still work? Thanks, Mike
  6. Hello, I made a new Block with a TileEntity. Now I want to check, If at a side there's a certain block. If so, it should do something. How can I check that? Thanks, Mike
  7. Hello Guys, I want to make a simple Energy Collector Block. It should always collect Energy if placed. The problem is, that i don't understand, how I can use the Methods, provided by the CofhLib. Here's the Link to the CofhLib GitHub: https://github.com/CoFH/RedstoneFlux-API I tryed to create a normal Minecraft Block, and to implement the methods in the main of the Block class. But I'm not able to access the Methods from the CofhLib. Please help me, Thanks Mike
  8. There isn't much of a javadoc in the class.
  9. Hello Guys, I want to create a mod, that supports RF. Is there a tutorial/ documentation, how to use the library? Thanks, Mike
  10. Ok, but how can I use the methods? I don't know anything about the methods (Arguments) and the Methods name. Is there a documentation somewhere?
  11. How am I able to use the CofhLib API in 1.7.10? I've added the jar in Eclipse, but if I go to Referenced Libraries and try to open a class of the jar, there's the message: "Source not found". My second question is, if there is a documentation how to use the CofhLib, to implement RF in your mod. Thanks, Mike
  12. Hello, I want to check, If the player goes from the overworld to a other dimension. But if the player goes from a other dimension to the overworld, the event shouldn't be triggerd. I've tryed it with: public void action(cpw.mods.fml.common.gameevent.PlayerEvent.PlayerChangedDimensionEvent event){ if(player.dimension != 0){ event.player.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(blocks.dirt, 1)); } } If I'm using the event with the if-statement, the game crashes, if I'm going to a different dimension. Does anybody know, why? How can I program it? Thanks, Mike
  13. So, I give the item to the player with: player.addItemStackToInventory. But Eclipse shows a error, and says, it can't find "player". And how can I give a Block from a other mod? Like a Chance Cube from a other mod? An example would be great Thanks, Mike
  14. I mean a mod-item from another mod.
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