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  1. I see well, playing vanilla minecraft i don't have any lag lol but thank you for your solutions now i at least have an idea of whats going on LOVE YOU GUYS!
  2. UPDATE: Alright so i updated to the newest forge and this time my single plays loaded but only once each. I closed everything after and tried again and i got the same problem. The logs are the same as whats above.
  3. Hello fellow minecrafters alright, May 26th aka today i downloaded a fresh 1.7.2 installer for forge as i just learned how awesome it is. Now when i first install my minecraft and launch it everything goes great, my worlds load and i can connect to servers. Once i installed forge using the installer it goes well and makes the "forge" profile, but when i load any worlds I get "loading world" then "generating terrain" after a min or two it bounces me back to the main menu. Now like anyone else i tried again a few times to make sure i wasn't crazy lol and still no good stuff. But a weird thin
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