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  1. fixed the field error. I put a specified field for the getDeclaredField instead of "biomePatternGeneratorChain" which is why things were derping up Now its all a matter of seeing if I can find the biome or not. Thanks for the help and patience!
  2. read the whole pastebin and the NoSuchField Errors still persists The code I got from Bens Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/zQkU2qwj where "DesertCave" is replacing "MyMod" in the paste. The CaveBiomesGenLayerAccessor Class: http://pastebin.com/Gm0W8pfy The Minecraft Crash Report: http://pastebin.com/7w7L3n2N
  3. As a person trying to learn java Blindly copying and pasting is something I'am heavily laying away from I will check the notes in the pastebin and see it through. In other words did you manage to get your Biome to spawn in your world if so did you use any methods to force the biome to spawn at your spawn?
  4. Ben I have found your method and tried it yesterday but I got NoSuchFieldErrors when I launched the game and from looking at the biomes o plenty source code it would seem that that is what people are doing. Making their own GenLayer and BiomeGenBase class files and extending it with the vanilla ones. I'm currently focusing on doing a little bit more wrapping my head around java before I attempt making my own GenLayer file for my Biomes which is still a ways to go with me as I'm still a bit foreign with java and coding in general and Fabricator if you feel motivated enough to do a tutorial o
  5. I have been trying for a while now to figure out how to make a custom biome in minecraft and I can't seem to figure it out I have read up on many threads on the issue of adding a new biome and how it seemingly became harder to do then you would previously do on version 1.6.4 where you could simply just register the biome you made by adding GameRegistry.addBiomes under your mod events. I have also looked at you tube tutorials to further understand the concept despite the fact they were all tutorials for 1.6.4 and still not luck :\ now what I have done was a series of different methods sugge
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