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  1. Hi this is my let's play, using the best mods Minecraft has to offer Here is episode 1: Episode 2 is where I really start things though:
  2. Hi, I want to host a server with mods such as forestry, buildlcraft, ICBM, and some others. I have all the mods working fine on both client and server. I just need to know a website that supports minecraft forge and where you can customize your jar file and mods installed. Thank you and please make sure it works before saying a host
  3. Yeah it works fine but when i install forge it stops working. However forge works on my computer but not on there.
  4. It doesn't say how it runs it or what the jvm is. It worked on 1.2.5 perfectly.Did something change with fonts?
  5. Here is my error log below. I am using obsidian server hosting/Multicraft. Multicraft is the remote access program and obsidian hosting is where the server is actually hosted. Minecraft forge works fine on my computer. However when i put it on multicraft i get this: Thank you for any help. This is the recommended forge build for 1.3.2. I have tried running this with mods and without mods, and i get the same error. Thank you ERROR LOG
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