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  1. Thanks I am gonna check that out. But that seems to be using a library (CoFHLib) that is outdated, any help?
  2. I have been browsing the web for about 3 hours now and I still haven't found a way to add GUI to an item. I desperately need help here. Can anyone link me an updated tutorial, or even an open source mod that does so? (I don't need to get the player inventory, I am just trying to display something like a book, for my mod's "about" item)
  3. I found a way! I used MCreator and checked the code it uses
  4. Hey guys, I'm making my mod and I just added a new seed. I want it to be dropped from grass with the same rarity as normal seeds. How do I do that? I only found one tutorial, but I don't understand, because he is just typing and I don't understand what the things do (Bad tutorial )So, if anyone can link me some tutorial or explain me what do do, it will be appreciated
  5. I think I will check that.... But I think that this isn't gonna help me alot anyway. But i'll take a look
  6. Hey, I want to know how do I use a damaged item in my crafting recipe. I also want it to work ONLY with the damaged item. How can I do this?
  7. Ok, how do I make a pig drop rotten flesh?
  8. God, quick answer ! Anyway, ill see that.
  9. Sorry, I'm new to this. Can you give me an example?
  10. Hey guys, I'm making my mod and I would like to know how I add drops to vanilla mobs. I want them to drop an item that I added. If possible, I would like to know how to make them drop 25% of the time. EDIT: I added the title (Whoops....)
  11. Ohhhh.... Ok... I never remember that some words can mean something completely different
  12. What? Is music anything with potatoes?
  13. Can you link me a tutorial or so?
  14. Yes, but I can't find the way to set a texture to the ammo.
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