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  1. Maybe try looking at the code used to generate the End portal fortress as it only generates once per world.
  2. I've got almost everything working correctly as a custom crafting table with its own recipes working, except when the item crafted is picked up from the output slot, the itemstacks in the crafting matrix are never decremented. This wasn't an issue in 1.7.2, but now it appears to be quite the problem. Container Code: CraftingManager: ShapedRecipes: ShapelessRecipes: I'm not sure if there is a callback somewhere that I'm missing, but when items are placed into the grid, the appropriate result appears in the output slot. I can take the item out of the output slot, but another one appears in the slot, and the items in the crafting grid do not get removed, or their stack size does not decrement. When a shaped recipe is in the grid, it does decrement, but leaves itemstacks with size 0, that can still be picked up and used. If shift clicking on the output, it will fill the inventory with items, and still leave an itemstack of size 0 in the crafting grid. When a shapeless recipe is in the grid, it doesnt decrement the itemstacks at all, and if shift clicking the output slot, it will cause a crash, from what I can tell, due to an infinite loop from Container.slotClick and Container.retrySlotClick EDIT: Solved the problem crashing, now shaped recipes and shapeless recipes act the same way, never decrementing craftMatrix stacks causing an infinite number of items to be crafted. Really not sure what to do here, any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks. //Nodnarb3
  3. Take a look at the vanilla furnace recipes class and essentially copy it, change the recipes to suit your needs, and instead of calling FurnaceRecipes.getFurnaceRecipes...blah blah blah in your tileentity and container, (should be about 3 places, 2 in TE, 1 in container) and that should do it. Let me know if you need further info.
  4. I'm new to the forums, so hopefully all goes well. I am having trouble taking a custom block model and using it as a crafting table. So far I have gotten it to a point where I can open the gui, interact with it, but I can't get it to actually complete the recipe corresponding to the items placed inside. I'm really not sure where to look for the problem, any help would be great, or a tutorial on making a crafting table from a Tile Entity, not a furnace, would be helpful. Thanks! Crafting Manager Tile Entity: Container: I can provide any other classes upon request. Any help is welcome! Thank you, Nodnarb3
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