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  1. Heh, this is only single player, but anyways, i resolved the problem by just sticking with vannila configs & just modifying the ones that REALLY REALLY needed changing like the chisel + dimensional doors, and some weird reason it all works fine now. Mind deleting this lex or a forum moderator?
  2. Sorry for double post but, if i gave you the forge0log.txt thing, could you locate EXACTLY what is conflicting between what mods? recipe wise? that is causing my issue?
  3. hmmm, so i guess i should redo my configs? cause i just literally spent the past hour or so mapping my configs to fit within 1000-2000 block ids and item ids to the 5000-7000 marks. i guess i should just reset them and switch only whats breaking with each other? also this is not just happening with craft guide, happening with NEI too, ok thanks for help. just gonna space these id's out in the 2k-4k block ids and item ids to their defaultz to see if i get any new results... EDIT: any fix other than re-mapping configs?
  4. not sure if this is forges fault, but i think it might be, whenever i use craft guide, or NEI, to look up a recipe, i get this crash, says internal server shutting down and this is what my multiMC console says: http://pastebin.com/j6xi3wm3 (Also i have removed flans, and all of code-chicken/nei related stuff, even just trying to use just craftguide doesnt work... so im out of idea's/solutions...) Sorry if this isnt your job or anything, feel free to delete this if you want, just looking for some help/possible solution...
  5. NOTE: If this is a already known bug, just delete this thread and move along... this isnt a serious bug or anything, just something i thought should be notified about since its been like this for awhile(unless its optifine/other, then ill go to them) So when I went onto minecraft, Made a new world, Started mining, I noticed something un-usual thing.... Items like coal and saplings/farming, wouldnt "turn" as they usually do. So I figured ill upgrade to forge 676 from 659(i THINK). still issue occured, Not sure if its optifine, or forge, but i figure its forge considering forge pretty much changes everything... Heres some pictures to help show you what i mean: (im moving to my right and taking photo's...) Heres my MultiMC Console: http://pastebin.com/y8QyfQZK Heres my forge0log: http://pastebin.com/pswd5VTS (^ it didnt occur, but just generally playing it happens... probably re-producable.) Additional Notes: i got a bad computer, optifine is required sadly, no TP's, mostly everything is to boost fps cause things like fog lag SOOO hard... my GPU does not like fading/transparency... at all...
  6. well then go find out how to generate ore in the overworld then see how you can apply that skill to the end? or nether
  7. i know this isnt what you guys go, but mind helping me out? i literally randomly crashed when running, not leaving my chunk in my house at all, just running, and crashed, no idea why i crashed, crash report is beyond my knowledge to know why it crashed exactly, here is multi mc pastebin: http://pastebin.com/tgFk0605 and heres minecrafts fancy crash report: http://pastebin.com/JxiMSjwQ if you dont want to tell me, or do it, or delete this, its completely understandable, i just wanna know why it crashed... i suspect IC2 1.7 public release but i didnt see any ic2 related issues except that huge spam of transfer stuff, hence why im here and not there.
  8. indeed, i think SOMEONE failed to read the new installation instructions.
  9. this is gonna be the most idiotic question ive ever asked anyone EVER, but which one of forge do i install? the SRC or universal? i tried both, i suspect i got a virus(from somewhere else), but my screen(suspect graphics card) "derped out" and went all fuzzy and failed to make properly place all the pixels in the correct place, like letters etc were distorted. restart fixed it and i just deleted everything in mod folder and ran a antivirus scan. now im here asking on which one it IS so it doesnt do this again.. (i tried i think universal, got error, then SRC and my screen derped out... no idea atm... im gonna try a few more things and redownload it just incase a archive broke or minecraft skipped something in force update) but mainly is what im asking, which one do i download? SRC or w/e its called, or universal?
  10. alrighty, ill message him... or if you already haven't.
  11. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/355416-132sspsmp-bettersound-mod-bsm-alpha-v0013/ i was just looking over this mod, i recalled forge saying anything not working with forge post here, so here i am posting it here.
  12. Hai, im having some "problems" with minecraft forge... ive "identified" that forge version) does NOT work with Multi MC. (MAJOR SAD FACE) Magic Launcher However, Works. But ive tried "Cave Gen Mod" And i get 31 "errors". im going to Msg the owner of that mod to see what the dealio is... i think he is trolling me with the "download these 2 files, or download this file that has both files" but mainly multi MC needs a patch or something... nearbygamer is probably gonna rage when he finds this out IF there was some mention about this somewhere on the site, i apologize for my lazyness to "search" for it...
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