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    Mod developer for minecraft 1.7.10/1.8 :)

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  1. hello guys its rolik here and its elemental cows reborn mod forum post here: http://www.rolikdevelopment.com/mforum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=25&sid=b34639daaccf11302ac86a8a52bfffc6 Mod adds 8 cows in total, 5 are elemental and 3 special events, all cows have on death finishing moves check images,drops and items in the official forum Mobs: Fire Cow 100health immune to fire damage deals 6-12damage sets enemies on fire on death casts huge explosion spawns in nether Lightning Cow 100 health immune to explosions 2x faster then Fire cow deals 6-12damage sets enemies on fire can strike enemies with lightning on death strikes lightning 40x times ! spawns in plains Wind Cow 100health immune to magic 2x faster then lightning cow deals 6-12damage has a chance to knockback enemies on death creates powerfull force, to push anyone very far. on health lower then 25, becomes 5x faster spawns in extreme hills Dark Cow 110 health immune to projectiles same speed as fire cow deals 7-15damage has a chance to teleport away withers and blinds enemies on death creates obsidian dome and explodes inside of it. spawns in roffed forest Hallowen Cow 110hp immune to fire has all abillities as all elemental cows deals 7-15 damage on death creates pumpkin dome and spawns hallowen spirit! spawns in swamp land Creeper Cow 100hp immune to explosions explodes on attack, can cut thought any armor. runs away from ocelots. heals on explosion. on death creates nuke explosion(tnt dome explosion!) deals 7-10damage spawns in desert Nature Cow 100hp has 3x bigger armor then all other cows poisons,confuses and slows down enemies. on death creates dirt dome! deals 8-12damage spawns in forest. don't try to fight them without diamond gear lol, or they will pulverize you, only if you can try fight lightning and fire cows if you push them in to water!
  2. you need to damage entity , you basicly doing it when entity is damaged it will print hello.
  3. set it up better this.targetTasks.addTask(0, new EntityAINearestAttackableTarget(this, blueAlienBossEntity.class, 0, true)); strange why their are attacking you, because there isn't attack player in their ai .
  4. i want entity to get removed with the spawn egg, so it wouldn't even exist at that point when will be set to false, so you would able to disable or enable specific entity in config
  5. when config is = true entity is there, but at the same time when i set config = false, entity still will be in the game.
  6. hello everyone, so i have a problem, i started making a config but it doesn't work, basicly i wan't to make it so you would be able to select activate specific mob or not? (register mob) but it doesn't work, can you tell me whats wrong? main file @EventHandler public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent e) { Config.loadConfig(e); } Config public class Config { public static boolean EnableHallowenCow = true; public static void loadConfig(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) { Configuration config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile()); config.load(); EnableHallowenCow = config.get(Configuration.CATEGORY_GENERAL, "EnableHallowenCow", true).getBoolean(true); config.save(); } } settings in entity class if (Config.EnableHallowenCow == true){ EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityHallowenCow.class, "HallowenCow", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(), 0x7AE8FF, 0x47FFE5); } basicly config appears but won't mob dissapear, i set mob active to false, mob will still be in the game, will not dissapear.
  7. show me example api with item/mob creation if you can
  8. i don't know where to find it, there isn't any url for download
  9. my api would allow users to create addons, custom mobs, items, and crafting recipes, same way as lucky block mod works
  10. so hello guys its rolik here, and i was woundering how can i make own api for some of my mods ? is there any tutorials for that? api would allow people to create addons for mods, that would awesome to see what people can think of
  11. how to make , that when mob is walking, and when he walks on lava he places water, to put it out
  12. hey guys, i can't figure out how to make that when you throw item to entity like for example zombie, how to make it pick it up , weapon or armor and get it damage, i figured out how to render that it holds and etc , but can't figure out how to make entity pick up item from the ground
  13. i know that i just asked for proper tutorial for that
  14. mob that just destroys sand and gravel in the way
  15. how to create and add custom inventory to entity that i would pickup every items, that it finds automaticly like player, and would have like 9 slots and would drop all that it has in inventory when dies
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