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  1. Thank you. Hopefully, the guys working on Forge will get it up soon.
  2. And I was wondering what the ETA is for the Forge version that works with 1.8.7 is going to be released. Sorry if this was asked before.
  3. Already added that line to my batch file and it seems to be working. But I set the limit to 256M. Is this a good size and what does that line effect?
  4. I know it's for Java, but I've already updated it and I don't know what to do. I have the memory for MC set to 3GB Min and 5GB MAX.
  5. Did that and I forgot to mention that the IDs were changed with ID Resolver.
  6. Have a question: How can I make Forge SMP use the ID's for the Client? Is it automatic? I changed a lot of them because I had conflicts.
  7. Tried updating to 448 and the game crashed at load-up. going to have to wait until all my mods are updated to 1.4.6 to see if I can get this to work.
  8. Here you go: Forge ID Mismatch Client Part 1: PasteBin: nKfszE92 Forge ID Mismatch Client Part 2: PasteBin: MH6Tsa4K Forge ID Mismatch Server: PasteBin: PVDP95Nq I didn't see anything listed for my problem, maybe I missed something.
  9. I'm trying to make a server and I have all the mods I use (plus the client config files were ported to the server config folder) but for some reason, I get this: I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help?
  10. I currently have and I wanted to get the latest update fir 1.4..5 (some of my mods are not updated to 1.4.6 yet). But the Release sire is only offering 1.4.5 which is older. Where can I find what I need as I did try looking for it first before posting.
  11. and received a crash. I installed it properly (Forge, Forge Mods and then my other mods) and game just black screens. Can anyone help me out? Deleted the old modloader.txt and a new one wasn't generated, so all I have is the log of Forge.
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