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  1. Compatibility reasons. I'd like to add: Block b = Block.blocksList[id] Is this a reliable way to resolve modded blocks?
  2. Hello there, I have trouble with understanding how the GameRegistry works in regards of blockID's etc. I'm currently trying to extract the id and metadata of a given location. I stumbled upon the metadatasplitting of wood logs or leaves for example: public int damageDropped(int par1) { return par1 & 3; } This uses the first 2 bits for subblock identification of the BlockLeaves, which has 4 different types. In order to work with all (unknown) types of blocks, I would need a method to resolve the block class by the blockId. I couldn't find such a method by now. This led me to the GameRegistry. I'm aiming for working with vanilla blocks aswell as foreign modded blocks. In the GameRegistry you can resolve a block by its modid and name (which is ok). How would I get the name of a given id? In addition to this I used BiomesOPlenty as a reference and found this (https://github.com/Glitchfiend/BiomesOPlenty/blob/BOP-1.7.10-2.1.x/src/main/java/biomesoplenty/common/blocks/BOPBlock.java): public abstract class BOPBlock extends Block { protected BOPBlock(Material material) { super(material); this.setCreativeTab(BiomesOPlenty.tabBiomesOPlenty); } } which obviously differs from my mc block implementation in a critical way: public Block(int blockID, Material par2Material) { ... } So BOP seems to use another Block implementation, which does not require an id to be set. I don't even know what to ask here. I just can't understand how the blockID is determined. So i dont know blockID->Block, blockID->blockName, in mods i don't even know Block->blockID. Im working with forge-1.6.4- BOP seems to use 1.6.2. The questions are a bit vague. But feel free to elaborate how the id management is supposed to work or point to sth, i couldn't find.
  3. Well, precise answer. Thank you, sir. Worked like charm.
  4. Hello everyone, i'm pretty new to minecraftmodding. I currently working on some MultiblockStructures. Since I would like to have multiple scaling of the same structure (2x1x2, 3x1x3, ...), i figured it would be best to use the TileEntitySpecialRenderer to render a .obj and scale it with a parameter of my TileEntity. I'd have a couple of Slave Blocks and one Baseblock. The Slaveblocks don't get rendered at all and the base model gets a offset to the center of the structure and the scale, as mentioned. So far so good. Everything works fine, except for one litte flaw. Since the base block is in the middle of the structure and the view does only include the edges of the upscaled model, it gets completly clipped out, because the base block can't be seen anymore. Is there a way to extend the ?renderingbox? of the block somehow? I don't know what it could be called and srsly I don't know why this is even happening. I did some OpenGL coding before and usually the program doesn't need to care to carve some not seen objects out of the scene, so every face gets rendered, if it is in the viewport. I hope you get what my problem is. I'd appreciate your help.
  5. Okay, I loaded now and everything works fine... I downloaded yesterday and there is still the issue... You should check for that. (If I'm right and thats the recommended version right now.)
  6. Hello, i just want to start out with MCF, but i had some issues with the script. The download "asm-all-4.0-source.jar" from "http://cloud.github.com/downloads/cpw/FML/" failed (with a success download message and a following zip error msg). (I have seen some posts in Pastebin and checked out the URL myself... So its missing i guess... I've worked arround that by putting together the sources of the "asm-4.0-bin.zip" "http://forge.ow2.org/project/showfiles.php?group_id=23" I hope this will work. Looks just fine for now. I'd like to hear if this is, what you've done... [EDIT] Forgot "guava-12.0.1-sources.jar"... Same issue, but there is a suitable download for this one.... http://code.google.com/p/guava-libraries/wiki/Release12
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