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  1. I want the same action but obviously I can't do that in [X]. How should I go about it in this case ? @SubscribeEvent public void checkDimension(PlayerEvent.PlayerChangedDimensionEvent event) { int dimension = event.player.dimension; System.out.println("player dimension is: " + event.player.dimension); if (dimension == -1){[X]} }
  2. How do I check last known cords in the previous dimension to tp the player to ?
  3. Oke , thank you : So see if the dimension is changed , see which dimension it is and tp him back to his cords in the previous dimension ? And preventing vanilla world gen ?
  4. No option , I can't see which dimension can I ? I add a dimension myself so ...
  5. Hallo everyone , I'm working on a 1.7.10 minecraft UE mod and I encountered a problem. I cannot get minecraft to stop generating mob spawners and strongholds. I also don't want players to be able to enter the nether. If any of you have experience with that and/or know a solution please let me know. Thanks in advance, ~Justice
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