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  1. I dont know whats wrong with my forge. Here is the dev console:
  2. I made an event in which a player will get items upon creation of world, and it crashes as the world is created... what is the problem? p.s I am not great with java, i am taking classes for it at school and haven't gotten far into it... Crash: Base Mod File: StartingItemsEventHandler:
  3. When i join or create a new world, i crash and get this error: Base Mod File:
  4. Can i see some example code so i will know how to use that better please?
  5. I am trying to make it so that whenever a player spawns into the world for the first time, he/she will recieve the two items i want them to have.
  6. I managed to find what i needed, but now all i need to know is how to add an item into a players inventory.
  7. I want to know how i can check if a player has a certain item in his inventory, and also how to remove items from a players inventory
  8. Nevermind, i fixed the texture issue, thanks for all of your help!!!
  9. *facepalm* i forgot about vanilla's fireball... Ok, so now it renders, but now it doesnt use the texture i want. How can i fix that...
  10. now when i launch minecraft, i get this error: error: Enitity registering class:
  11. Ok, so i called the wrong method in my baseMod file, so now it calls proxy.registerRenderThings() , but i still just get a white box when it renders...
  12. Hi, i am trying to render my entity, but when it renders, it is a white box and not the model i provided. The entity will be shot when i right click an item. How can i fix this so it uses my model i want it to use? EntityFireball: RenderFireball: ModelFireball: baseMod file: ClientProxy: Item:
  13. I acually just fixed it. I basically added the 2 folders to the build path again and removed the other two and it somehow fixed itself
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