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  1. You told me to create an ICustomModelLoader that i register with ModelLoaderRegistry that loads a model from a .json and then makes my own IModel, the only way I could find to load a model from .json is in ModelBlock so im confused. How do i go about loading an IModel from a file, and if im doing that, why do i need a custom IModel if im meant to use whatever built in bake method comes with the IModel i load?
  2. How do i bake that model though? My ModelLoader loads a ModelBlock from the .json and then that is stored in the IModel. I still have no clue what baking even is and i cant find any methods that bake a ModelBlock except VanillaModelWrapper, do i really have to write code to go and do all these operations from its .bake does and go through all the components and do all that crap with quads? cause if i have to it'll probably just be easier for me to ignore jsons alltogether and just write a manual getQuads in my baked model
  3. Why does the path to efficiency have to be paved with ridiculously convoluted code I have written an ICustomModelLoader and registered it, and partially written an IModel and have got stuck I have no clue what to write in IModel.bake as the only example I can find is VanillaModelWrapper and its .bake once again seems inordinately complicated for what i want to achieve
  4. I've looked at these interfaces and there implementation in the source, and i cant work out what i need to do with them I tried this in my model class but it was throwing nullpointers on the attachment.bake line public class BakedModelCTGun implements IBakedModel { public IBakedModel baseModel; public IBakedModel attachmentModel; public IModel attachment; public BakedModelCTGun(IBakedModel basemodel) { baseModel = basemodel; try { attachment = ModelLoaderRegistry.getModel(new ModelResourceLocation(Reference.modID + ":" + CreeperTech.ItemCTTest.name + "meme")); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } Function<ResourceLocation, TextureAtlasSprite> textureGetter; textureGetter = new Function<ResourceLocation, TextureAtlasSprite>() { public TextureAtlasSprite apply(ResourceLocation location) { return Minecraft.getMinecraft().getTextureMapBlocks().getAtlasSprite(location.toString()); } }; attachmentModel = attachment.bake(attachment.getDefaultState(), new VertexFormat(), textureGetter); } @Override public List<BakedQuad> getQuads(IBlockState state, EnumFacing side, long rand) { //return baseModel.getQuads(state, side, rand); return attachmentModel.getQuads(state, side, rand); } Do i need to make my own ICustomModelLoader and register it with ModelLoaderRegistry? and if so, what do i need to actually put in the implementation because the implementations in the source (i.e. VanillaLoader) seem needlessly complicated for what im trying to do, and completely tied to ModelLoader
  5. Thanks, it can now register a custom model, however the issue now is that i cant load the replacement model (cttestmeme) in the constructor of ModelCTTest, it throws nullpointerexception which i traced to the ItemModelMesher not existing, and all in all i think im probably doing it wrong. I rewrote my model code to manually draw something and that worked fine, so registering the new model works, however my ultimate goal is to be able to load a new model from .json and merge that with the existing model. So how would i go about loading another model (not associated with any item)?
  6. Okay that took alot longer than expected, well going in blind will do that to ya anyway heres is the git https://github.com/thepurplepoe/creepertech-forge
  7. So i decided to try something basic to see how this all works before i try anything fancy, took a look around to see if i could find anything on how it does and came up with something, it doesnt work however. I have an item called cttest, for which there is a existing model cttest.json, im trying apply the custom model cttestmeme.json, but it always just loads cttest The Item public class CTItem extends Item { protected String name; public CTItem(String name) { this.name = name; setUnlocalizedName(name); setRegistryName(name); } public void registerItemModel() { CreeperTech.proxy.registerItemRenderer(this, name); } @Override public CTItem setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs tab) { super.setCreativeTab(tab); return this; } } The relevant Proxy code @Override public void registerItemRenderer(Item item, String id) { ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(Reference.modID + ":" + id)); } @Override public void registerClientEvents() { Helper.WriteModMessage("Actually Registering Shit"); MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new CTModelBaker()); } The ModelBakeEvent code, note the object always seems to be null so the code never enters the "really bakin" section @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public class CTModelBaker { @SubscribeEvent public void onModelBakeEvent(ModelBakeEvent event) { Helper.WriteModMessage("We're bakin boys"); ModelResourceLocation model = new ModelResourceLocation(Reference.modID + ":" + CreeperTech.ItemCTTest.getUnlocalizedName()); Object object = event.getModelRegistry().getObject(model); if (object != null) { Helper.WriteModMessage("Really bakin"); ModelCTTest customModel = new ModelCTTest(); event.getModelRegistry().putObject(model, customModel); } } } The Model Code public class ModelCTTest implements IBakedModel { public IBakedModel base; public ModelCTTest() { base = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem().getItemModelMesher().getModelManager().getModel(new ModelResourceLocation(Reference.modID + ":" + CreeperTech.ItemCTTest.getUnlocalizedName() + "meme")); } @Override public List<BakedQuad> getQuads(IBlockState state, EnumFacing side, long rand) { return base.getQuads(state, side, rand); } @Override public boolean isAmbientOcclusion() { return base.isAmbientOcclusion(); } @Override public boolean isGui3d() { return base.isGui3d(); } @Override public boolean isBuiltInRenderer() { return base.isBuiltInRenderer(); } @Override public TextureAtlasSprite getParticleTexture() { return base.getParticleTexture(); } @Override public ItemCameraTransforms getItemCameraTransforms() { return base.getItemCameraTransforms(); } @Override public ItemOverrideList getOverrides() { return base.getOverrides(); } } And from my main modfile in preinit ItemCTTest = new CTItem("cttest"); ItemCTTest.setCreativeTab(DIMmod.TabDIM); GameRegistry.register(ItemCTTest); ItemCTTest.registerItemModel(); proxy.registerClientEvents(); Most of what ive worked out has probably come from outdated stuff, so any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Okay I've had a look around at BakedModels and from what i've seen I think I should make a seperate .json for each part of the model, load those in, and then use a custom IBakedModel to combine them. What I cant work out is how i would register all this to an item
  9. I just started modding again after taking a long break, and have been porting my projects from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2, most of it has gone smoothly and i've figured out the new ways of doing things. However in one of my mods i have an item with a custom renderer that rendered a gun, this gun had a number of customizable parts (barrel extension, stock, scope) that could be changed around on the fly, to accomplish this i used a model that simply rendered different parts depending on which were turned on. How would i accomplish this with 1.10?, I havent worked out how to register an item renderer (if thats even possible) and while i could do it with 70 different json files (1 for each combination of attachments) i feel like there must be a more elegant solution, any ideas?
  10. Tried registering it in my mod load. EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityBullet.class, "Bullet", 120, this, 250, 1, true); And the same result (as before), except now it crashes sometimes. Is there any packet stuff or anything else I should be doing?
  11. Could someone please explain how to use the Entityregistry?
  12. Sorry for this but. Whats the Entity registry? And I'm spawning it in a helper method called from onupdate after checking fire rates and stuff
  13. I'm getting them from item.onupdate, then checking if its an instance of and casting the entity to entityplayer.
  14. Help! I'm extremely confused. I've made a mod in which there are a large variety of Projectile weapons and Energy weapons, the Entities fired are EntityBullet, EntityLaser and so on, the code used to spawn them (in the gun class is): EntityBullet b = new EntityBullet(world, entityplayer, 10, 0, 4); world.spawnEntityInWorld(b); And I have a RenderRegistry register for the entities (so they render). On singleplayer they work perfectly, they shoot, they hit things, destroy blocks, kill stuff and render. However on a LAN server only the hosts bullets have any effect, a person who connects to the LAN, can shoot but his bullets have no effect at all on entities, and appear to have and effect on blocks but actually dont. I think this is because the entities are only being spawned on the client not the server, but maybe wrong. How can I make this work?, I'm a total Multiplayer coding noob.
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