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  1. Okay I found the problem! Apparently, running via command line will crash Forge.
  2. Well do you have any ideas on what the problem might be? Is it common? Also, it's not like it says how to install it on here anyway. Did I do it right? Archiving tool: 7-zip 1: Open minecraft.jar and minecraftforge-client- 2: Select everything in minecraftforge-client- and copy it over to minecraft.jar 3: Delete META-INF EDIT: Okay stupid me. There is a readme file at the bottom of the zip file. But the installation instructions were the same as what I did! What's wrong?
  3. So I have a fresh copy of 1.2.5 and I installed only Forge into it, but when I try to run it it says I've googled for a while, but didn't find anything. Help please! ForgeModLoader-0.log ModLoader.txt
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