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  1. Still no dice. I was able to get a functional direct link to Forge 230 from someone in the Metallurgy IRC, though. I'll try Forge 230 when I get home and see if it resolves the problem.
  2. Unable to connect to that web address, it just sits and tries for a while and then tells me it was unable to connect. Able to access all other websites normally.
  3. Where do I find the download for it? The only download I can see is giving me Forge v4.0.0, #204. Googling for Forge 225 doesn't give any useful results :-/
  4. I'm getting a consistent Minecraft crash that appears to be directly related to Forge 204, while attempting to get Atomic Stryker's Ruins mod to function. I also updated to Optifine B3 at the same time. I pared away each mod I had loaded (including ModLoader, once I understood that Forge now completely replaces ModLoader these days) until I was left with the bare three mods: Ruins, Optifine, and Forge Universal 204. I tried using MC Patcher 2.4.2 (which apparently you Forge folks hate, go figure) and Magic Launcher 0.9.9 (which apparently you Forge folks are fine with, go figure) as launching methods. I did not attempt good old fashioned manual installation/operation methods. I then removed Ruins from the equation (just Optifine B3 and Forge 204, and after I understood Forge made ModLoader redundant) and still received an identical error, so I'm left with the thought that something in my system is conflicting with Forge. I hope this qualifies as "research." EDIT: For completeness, my initial mod loadout (before I pared it down to just Forge 204 and Optifine B3) was Forge 204, Rei's Minimap 1.3.2, Treecapitator 1.3.2j, Better World Gen Forge version 109, Ruins 1.3.2, Village Info 1.3.2, and Optifine Ultra B3. The crash essentially functions like this: I create a new world (I didn't want to mess with existing ones) in single player, creative mode, with default settings. After the world loads, I can usually take a few steps in any direction, at which point the world closes and I'm told the server is closed, or Minecraft just crashes entirely. Attempting to restart Minecraft and load that world results in Minecraft crashing. Here is the most recent crash log from .minecraft/crash-reports: And here is the ForgeModLoader-client-0.txt: Hopefully this is the information you asked we include with bug reports.
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