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  1. I came on here thinking "Well I'm stumped, I can't find the answer ANYWHERE on the internet, mind as well see if anyone on the forum has a probably over complicated solution I'm probably too inexperienced to implement." But this answer was perfect, thank you so much, you have put a great conclusion to many hours of searching. I honestly cannot believe this is information so simple is so hard to find. Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, I have been having an issue. I seek to be able to add a biome to my 1.7 mod. Yeah I know, that's a rough way to go but I'd really appreciate any support I get. I have been on at least 5 different threads (100% of ones I could find) about people complaining of how hard/impossible biomes are to create with the default world generator. In this thread I was wondering if anyone could clear up this issue or maybe explain to me in general where biomes are at with 1.7. If you have a remotely straight forward solution I would be evermore grateful since I am pretty new at this and by this point I'm getting the feeling I've tried everything I could without asking to be rescued. Any help at all is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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