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  1. So what changes should I make to the json model? Sorry about all of the issues, I'm new to Minecraft's TileEntities and rendering. EDIT: Somehow it's working now. First issue I just had while running was missing textures and wrong models for everything, so I just reinput the model call into the variants (the ModelLoader was complaining that there was no model for them, even though I set the default.) When I fixed that, after all other changes, the z-fighting went away. Thank you all for your help, now I'm going to get started on making the GUI work!
  2. It doesn't seem to like that, claiming that TileEntityCardboardBox() is not a TileEntity, and it's trying to get me to change the return type. which is false. It won't let me override without the Block# notation either. Block#createTileEntity() is notation for the method called createTileEntity in the class Block . It has parameters, but I didn't specify them as it has no overloads(methods with the same name but different parameters). If you type a method name in a class and press the autocomplete keybind(Ctrl+Space in Eclipse), your IDE will display all methods with that n
  3. It doesn't seem to like that, claiming that TileEntityCardboardBox() is not a TileEntity, and it's trying to get me to change the return type. which is false. It won't let me override without the Block# notation either.
  4. Thanks! Only issue is I can't figure out which methods to call in order to get the required EntityPlayer and boolean parameters. All other changes are accounted for. (I can't believe I missed that I was calling cube_all ><) EDIT: It seems that I have another issue now: createNewTileEntity was implemented earlier and isn't replaced by Block. Is there a replacement function?
  5. Of course, here it is: ArborCraftBlocks: BlockCardboardBox:
  6. Yes, here is the TESR file: and the ModelCardboardBox class: Hope those help.
  7. Hello, I've been working on modding for some time now (very basic, nothing special) but I've decided to upgrade to 1.10 and try working with TileEntities. I have a cardboard box which has some issues (not opening GUI) but I'll get that solved later. For now, my block model is rendering weirdly, with odd black scratches that show up based on the direction I'm facing. Here is an album of the images: http://imgur.com/a/eTKQ2 And now the .jsons: block.cardboard_box.json item.cardboard_box.json blockstates.cardboard_box.json NOTE: The inventory var
  8. Thanks! This worked. Now I just need to get the inventory model working...
  9. I'll just post the ClientProxy here anyway. ClientProxy: http://pastebin.com/gUrJ7Nqm CommonProxy: http://pastebin.com/fkA4wZ8K If anyone else can join in to help, that would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Yes it is, in my main PreInit(). MineBoard.java: http://pastebin.com/KLjKhLBY I can show my ClientProxy as well, but it calls MineBoardBlocks.init() as well. Another important thing to note is that the code is virtually identical to the code for items, which works, with the key difference being that I needed to change the Item parameter to a Block in the registerRender() function. And in my main mod file, init() is being called before registerRenders(), so there really shouldn't be any issue there.
  11. Hi all, I've been delving into 1.9 modding and am trying to create a simple cardboard block. Everything seems fine, except when I run my eclipse setup I get a null pointer exception during initialization. I can see that `item` is apparently null, is there a different way to do this render call? I've been following ChampionAsh5357's tutorial, and have noticed some issues earlier (namely with registry, but I've got that sorted out) if that helps any. Provided below are the error and the file in which the error occurs. Error: http://pastebin.com/uLGLwyrz MineBoardBlocks.java
  12. If your game is crashing, we'll need a crash report to pinpoint the source of the error.
  13. Assuming you used Techne for the model...
  14. Maybe the texture itself is bad. Check Techne and you file to make sure that you've textured your mob properly (in the texture, and even in Techne). Other than that, perhaps the file is corrupt. Can you open it? Try opening in GIMP, Photoshop, etc.
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