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  1. The series is created by Martijn and Wuppy. Two dutch coders. Our goal is to provide easy tutorials for people who want to start modding, but have no idea how. The tutorials will be provided in text format, and will be recorded and posted on youtube. Before asking questions: Answering the same question over and over is annoying for us. Therefore, if you have a question, make sure you double, maybe triple check your source code. If that is correct, please tell us what we need to know! We can't help you if you just say that your item doesn't work. The Tutorials: All our Tutorials are listed on our website [diesieben07: removed dead now-spam link] Or check our Introduction Setting up the JDK Setting up Idea Or Setting up Eclipse Basic Mod File Basic Block Basic Item World Generation [diesieben07: removed dead now-spam links]
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