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  1. hi. before i update my Minecraft server (or rather the mods) i usually make a backup, like everyone should ... well, i use Filezilla for FTP access to my Server. my problem is, that i can't find a way to copy a folder on the server to another folder on the same server. so the only way i found is to download it to my computer. and when i want it to be on the server, i have to upload it again, which usually takes a while. is there a way to directly copy a folder on a server via FTPclient? (preferable voa filezilla, but it is ok to swich to a different tool, as long as it is free) that would make it a lot easier to do backups of my minecraft server before updating a mod thanks, and best regards Michael aka. MiK3gamer
  2. thanks to both of you i dont know when direwold last updated the IC2 version of his modpack, but i will suggest our admin to manually update it just to be save. as i said, i will also alsk for FTP access, so i can find out what kind of spamming is inside. but if its only a console log, i guess it can simply be deleted, right? such a huge file makes it hard to keep doing complete server backups on a regular basis. if possible, i would suggest him to delete it. shouldnt cause any problems, right? but i think at least you have to stop the server to delete the file.
  3. hi there. yesterday i got a message from our server admin, and i was like "WTF, are you kidding me? that ridiculous!" ... he told me that the forge log file on our server (i guess he meant the ForgeModLoader-server-0.log, but i am not sure) way more than 1GB is. i thought it would only save the latest crash report to that log file, so how can it be that huge? or is the whole console log saved in that file? i've never seen a log file that has a size of more than 1GB ... i can only guess what's going on, because i dont have FTP access to the server, and obviously he can't simply send me that fie for a minute, would take a few hours to transfer it. sorry that i am short on information. but he is like "as long as the server is still runnning, i dont f*cking care" ... but i am afraid of that unusual file size. but i will ask for FTP access or ask him to upload that file for me, with some luck i can post it on here later ... do you have an idea what that could be? is it dangerous to have such a huge file? could it overload the server, like causing lags or something? oh, and by the way ... i dont know if it makes a difference, but we are using the Direwolf20 modpack from the FTB launcher
  4. ok, thanks for the help. i forgot to look for hints in the forgemodloader file but unfortunately it isn't the only mod that couses the problem. EXP chest seems to need modloaderMP as well. that means i'll have to check for updates (and hope that modloaderMP isn't needed anymore) or try to live without those mods. anyway, thanks for the nice support. i guess (hope) this thread can be closed/deleted/moved now.
  5. i am? well, that's not good. but i can't see any mod name in that error message. i guess i'll have to uninstall my mods one by one to find out wich one it is. well, the problem is, that i am doing a "Let's Play" on youtube. and i as far as i would say, i need all the mods im using
  6. hi. i still had a forge version on my computer that didn't have an internal modloader (so i also had modloader and modloaderMP installed) now i updated my forge to version 3.3.7 (minecraftforge-client- and removed modloader and modloaderMP when i start minecraft, i get the following crash message: before anyone starts asking, i am using "MultiMC" to manage my mods and everything worked fine before i updated the forge. so i guess the problem has to be that forge update here's the ForgeModLoader-0.log
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