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  1. Gday well I found the problem was either NEI or the dependency Chickenbonescore for 1.8. Through various testing whenever these were installed the problem would happen even if Dforge.forceNoStencil=true is placed in JV arguments so im not sure what's up with them, but greatful I can get back to minecrafting.
  2. First thanks for such a quick response. I have done that as you suggested it was relatively easy as their were only 2 mods. It is almost as if the Dforge put in JV arguments is disregarded or just ignored can that be possible I build houses and buildings not real techie if you no what I mean just know enough for programs we use at work I found it quite weird to be truthful as I have around 60 mods for 1.7.10 and have been working on the one world for over 3 months with numerous builds from witch and chicken farms to village spawners and blaze farms all without a hitch apart from a bit of la
  3. OK so here is the thing I was playing 1.8 this morning with the latest forge installed and 1 mod joypad mod. Everything was going like a charm. I get home from work this afternoon and I installed NEI and ironchests mods, both of which being 1.8. I press play and get the dreaded black screen with image in bottom left corner. I then went about putting in - Dforge.forceNoStencil=true and it has no bearing on ythe problem at all. I don't get a crash report just the same screen. I then uninstalled the 2 mods and its still now the same with the blackscreen and tiny image. This is happening to me n
  4. you are 100% correct. I reinstalled Eureka 1.2 (previous version)and the crashing has stopped. Thank god I have put heaps of work into this world I'm creating and crashing every 5 min just as you get right into it was becoming annoying. Thanks for the response mate
  5. Gday I have been working on a world for about a month now without any problems on mc 1.7.10. Then a couple of days ago while building a house it crashed out of the blue. The same thing happened again when I clicked on the beacon I was making. Now it seems to consistently happen after about 5 min. I did notice in FAQ and problems solved that the beginning in which it states ConcurrentModificationException though mine doesn't crash on startup. I tried installing the latest version but nothing worked at all. I am honestly clueless I am using forge 1217 I see that it mentions eureka though I we
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