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  1. Adding a 0 to the front worked like a charm! Thank you
  2. I can certainly understand the programming issues you are facing. Unfortunately, I'm still having the same issues with Forge .246. Not sure why it works with RML but not with FML, but it's probably time to just concede that these modules simply are not compatible and the author will need to take on the responsibility of making them so rather than changing FML for these few modules. I have attached the logs anyway, just in case you were curious. Thank you so much for working on this so quickly. I really love the features of Forge and will simply not use mods that aren't compatible; there are far too many good mods that are compatible to bother with those that aren't.
  3. I have tried both the latest Forge version (.245) and the latest Recommended (.241) and I am still getting the same black screen right after the Mojang logo on the CJB modules: - Items - Itemspawner - Chat - Cheats - Quickcraft I started from a clean Minecraft install prior to both Forge installs and CJB Modules are the only ones installed. These modules do work fine with Modloader. Attached are the errors for each module.
  4. Actually, the only module of CJB's with base edits is the X-Ray module. The other modules do not do base edits and load individually in the /mods folder instead of the jar. I never use the X-Ray module anyway, so I have no experience with it's compatibility. I really only occassionally use any of the modules, but since they work with Risugami's ModLoader and not with Forge ModLoader, I am posting the logs to possibly help with compatibility.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to mention that CJB's ModPack 6.3.4 has several modules that work fine with Risugami's ModLoader, but hang at a black screen after the Mojang logo with all of the recommended Forge versions up to and including .239. I made sure that only Forge was installed on clean minecraft.jar and tested after each module. The following modules hang: - Items - Itemspawner - Quickcraft - Chat Additionally, the Cheats module also has the same problem, however, for that module, I had to install PlayerAPI first. I tested the PlayerAPI itself first, and it works fine with Forge. The only module in CJB's Modpack that I did not check was the X-Ray module since that edited base classes and was already mentioned to not be Forge compatible. I have attached an individual ForgeModloader-client-0.log error file for each failed module in the hopes that may help with troubleshooting the ModLoader compatibility issue. Chat_ForgeModLoader-client-0.log Cheats_ForgeModLoader-client-0.log Items_ForgeModLoader-client-0.log ItemSpawner_ForgeModLoader-client-0.log QuickCraft_ForgeModLoader-client-0.log
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