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  1. Call super.onItemUse instead of returning (in else block)... Please update your code, if you are wondering where is else block... Also, it could be better idea to use item fluid containers, but oh well... I have no idea what you mean by any of this, and by update do you mean to 1.8? or just to a newer version of forge, as Im not planning on updating my mod for awhile due to it being in a custom modpack
  2. Thanks, fixed afew things, yet buckets are still infinite, and It wont accept the @Override notation above the onItemUse
  3. After creating two oil buckets, custom fluid, then when testing it created infinite from the bucket, so i obviously did something wrong, and when trying to add the liquids into tanks it doesn't show a texture, or in portable tanks it shows lava, I'll add in my fluid classes and the bucket, ask if anything else is needed Filled bucket Fluid class Fluid block class Main class fluid stuff Help is much appreciated. And if your just gonna say words to the effect of "Go do it yourself / find it out" don't even bother as I've looked and tried
  4. After trying to sort out my proxies so it would work, i get the error of When trying to enter multiplayer my code being Main class Client proxy Common Proxy
  5. THANK YOU! I also looked at your mob tutorial before which confused me a little, yet thanks a bunch for something comprehensible
  6. IF I was able to figure it out, after looking through lots of similar posts and questions on other forums and pages, would you have thought i would have needed to post about it myself to get the solution to the problem?!?
  7. Well that is the application of it I need, as that is my mods problem right now, as it is rendering my mobs on the server and client rather than just the client, causing the client to crash on load into the server
  8. A proxy being a replacement for your main registry to register specific stuff for client and server sides, so if it only is rendered on the client side, such as a mobs physical appearance, then that isnt registered in the server, as the server doesnt have the files necessary to use the class file
  9. @SidedProxy public static ClientProxy clientside; @SidedProxy public static CommonProxy serverside; Also would that work being like that?
  10. Are you having a bad day or something? as you seem to just be wanting to do as least as possible
  11. @SidedProxy public static Object clientside; This or no???
  12. Your not being very helpful just saying this, HOW to i put it on a field and one field?
  13. But then how does that work as that is my server proxy, and that is my client proxy....
  14. With my mod, after running it on a server and researching I know that my code is erroring due to the server running client related stuff, yet when i try to create a proxy using @SidedProxy i get the error of Attempted to load a proxy type com.iceminecrafter.IME.proxy.ClientProxy into com.iceminecrafter.IME.IcesMinecraftExpansion.MFCAluminiumArmorMat, but the types don't match [16:57:35] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: An error occured trying to load a proxy into {clientSide=com.iceminecrafter.IME.proxy.ClientProxy, serverSide=com.iceminecrafter.IME.proxy.ServerProxy}.com.iceminecrafter.IME.IcesMinecraftExpansion cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException Help would be much appreciated
  15. That doesn't really work, as then it would just spawn as veins, and creating it only on the surface it would look just weird, I found the method of WorldGenLakes, yet i cant get it to work, even when looking in the class
  16. After creating a liquid, I went to look at how to custom spawn lakes of it, however after searching I couldn't find anything except from looking in BiomeGenLakes (or something like that) which I cant get my head around it, help would be appreciated and I will provide my code if needed
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