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  1. You are doing metadata correct, but wrap the generation code in a for loop and loop it like 50 times and than it should spawn more, because as far as i can see, your code only spawns one group of ores in each chunk try this one, lower the 50 in the for loop too your needs public void generateSurface(World world, Random rand, int chunkX, int chunkZ) { int randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ, randSize; for(int i = 0; i < 50; i++){ randPosX = (chunkX * 16) + rand.nextInt(16); randPosY = rand.nextInt(64); randPosZ = (chunkZ * 16) + rand.nextInt(16); randSize = rand.nextInt(12); //the 18 is ment to be the blockOremeta.blockID, metadata (new WorldGenMinable(es_main_blocks.blockOremeta.blockID, 18, 50)).generate(world, rand, randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ); } }
  2. I think buildcraft has it now, find buildcraft under SirSengir on github and take a look
  3. I think there is nothing wrong with this code.. but here is the generation part of mine [embed=425,349](new WorldGenMinable(ItemAndBlockHandler.BlockResources.blockID, 0, ).generate(w, rand, x, y, z);[/embed] but i originally derp'd on Registering the World Generator, have you done that ?
  4. I am looking into it right now, working on making a water turbine that ofc. rotates
  5. This is very simple, where you register your TESR, do it in the ClientProxy, like so: ClientRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityCable.class, "Cable", new TileEntitySpecialCableRenderer()); and in the server proxy, just do GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityCable.class, "Cable"); hope it helps
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