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  1. Which launcher do you recommend? I mean, you said don't put it in the same directory. I don't know how to do it without losing all my content. I've backed it up and will wait for your response. I know Google exists but I wanna be sure on this. Don't want to waste any more of your time but if you can just teach me or point me to a specific thread/article on it will be awesome., Thanks! : D
  2. Got a quick tutorial on how to install in another directory and having all my mods work?
  3. Hi, I contacted the content creator and I told him. The mod is actually a simple sword. If you check the log, it shows it as_Dusty_Sword for this purpose. @cpw I updated forge from the main post.
  4. Hello, users. Tried to install a custom made mod made for me. He told me it is to be used with modloader. I told him I was running Forge and he said he'd be able to make it forge compatible. He couldn't get it to work and now I'm here. I posted my log below as requested. All help is appreciated. Let me know if you need any other information, that isn't stated below. Thanks in advance! MCF Moderator CaptainDust.
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