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  1. @Draco18s for the metadata it's jus the normal leaves variety, the different states that actually are needed for the model are defined by getActualState. works quite well actually and looks pretty :-) @Choonster I'll see if I can fiddle around with the statemapper :-) thanks for pointing out where to look.
  2. I tried following the tutorial on https://mcforge.readthedocs.org/en/latest/blockstates/forgeBlockstates/ but for some reason I cant seem to get it right, or understand how to implement it in my case. I keep getting the messages that forge cannot find the models for the combination of the blockstate variables. I have the following working json /resources/assets/blockstates/block_magicleaves.json { "comment":"This references the models/block/model_name(without json extension) for the rendering", "variants": { "check_decay=true,decayable=true,type=therawoodleaves
  3. In this tutorial i'm putting what I figured out what worked for me to get metadata item textures working again in an easy maintainable way for me. It involves a couple of classes and an interface to be set up, but it's pretty simple. In this tutorial I will however only show the neccesary code, not fully functional items etc... because I can't be bothered to strip all the support code form the one item I have. First, we make a class to register all our items for rendering in. There are probaly better ways to do this, but this is what I used during my experimentations. Feel free to
  4. for those wondering how, you need to invoke func_143026_a of MapGenStructure in your structure gen class when you give back the start piece in the protected StructureStart getStructureStart(int chunkX, int chunkZ) method.
  5. I have a structure generation in my mod public class MapGenEntropyTemple extends MapGenStructure { } and it works beautifully, it generates the entropy temple as it should. There is only one caveat, the MapGenStructureData doesn't get saved the moment minecraft closes and then gets started again. Al the locations I could poll(very accurately, I have my boundingboxes fit nice and tight around my sections) StuffLoader.worldGenerator.genEntropyTemple.hasStructureAt(player.worldObj,(int)player.posX, (int)player.posY, (int)player.posZ) suddenly return false in
  6. I wish I had crash logs, then it would have been easy to pinpoint. But what we got were only the crashes that the service just stopped because the OS killed it/detected it dying. Thanks for the modifications though :-)
  7. Okay, so he started bragging about how smart he is and bla bla but he dropped his attack vector. He's requesting the motd multiple times which causes the server to crash because of all the json that gets compiled to answer the request. Now my question is basically this: Is there a way in forge that I can catch when S00PacketServerInfo is sent and to which ip? Then I can log that so IPTables can block it. If I should write a coremod for this, which would be the best point to hook it in so I can get the IP? Anyone have experience with this?
  8. Hmmh, then he must be using a different weakness. I so thought he used this one... Clearly he's not whitelisted. I'm kinda stuck atm with coreprotect and cauldron. so im still chugging along with forge 1231. I am writing my own anti grief/logging mod as we speak, and it would be relatively simple to turn it into a 1.7.10 mod so we can finally update forge. I was just hoping someone would have made a coremod to fix this.
  9. Heya, **Edited 03/07/2015 with relevant information. I found out his attack vector** I'm having issues with a hacker who crashes my 1.7.10 server by repeatedly requesting the MOTD by which the memory overflows on the server because of the json that gets compiled over and over(playercount and such) He crashes my server multiple times a day because he doesn't get whitelisted. So, basicaly I want to write/use a mod that logs how often the MOTD gets requested. I know I have to use the trail that sends s00PacketServerInfo, but what i'm wondering is how to get the IP of the user
  10. I am suspecting you added a deobfuscated(development) jar to your mods folder. Thisjar uses deobfuscated methods which works great in eclipse but doesnt work in a "live" enviroment because minecraft uses obfuscated code. Download the obfuscated. Jars and try again.
  11. Minecraftforum post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/wip-mods/2423847-who-took-my-cookies-a-forge-blocklogging-mod This is a blocklogging mod i'm developping for forge clients/servers. It currently logs only placed, broken, exploded and altered blocks. Current features consists of: Logging broken blocks with nbtdata Logging exploded blocks with nbtdata and suspect list Logging placed blocks Logging updated blocks(dirt turning into grass etc...) Rollback of removed/broken blocks on a per block basis Op
  12. How would these blocks detect the markdirty call then?
  13. Is it possible that the entity code is in a different thread? That way it could be possible they are asking the same random state at the same moment which would result in the same nextInt to be returned in the randomness step. how rand works is Rand(seed) will always return the same next values in order Nextint 2 Nextint 4 Nextint 7 Is it possible that the stepvalue gets reset in the world object or that it gets cloned for the tick event? As not to mess up worldgen? That would also explain the same values because step will always be the same. Future steps will
  14. The world random object has a seed. Which makes it predictable in behaviour. Thats why maps with a seed spawn the same stuff on different computers. If you want more randomness construct your own Random object and use that. That way it operates without the seed constraints.
  15. I was wondering how i can get an event when a tileentity calls markdirty() I want to monitor changes in certain tileentities of other mods and perform an action corresponding to that. Does markDirty() cause a bud update or is there an event fired?
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