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  1. LOL, I'm an idiot. I was thinking quite stupidly when I made this post.
  2. Yeah, I was finally able to update forge. But another problem is why it would need a certain version of forge when there were no other mods installed?
  3. Here is a mirror lucas posted a few minutes ago.... http://ken.wingedboot.com/forgemirror/files.minecraftforge.net/
  4. My offer to host a mirror still stands.
  5. I get this error whenever I try to start Minecraft Thing is, I have installed. It was a fresh jar and I've tried with and without other mods installed. The file server has not been working for me the past couple days, so I haven't been able to try a different version. Here's the log: I just saw that there was another post made today about the same issue... I'll follow that post for a solution. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,4409.0.html
  6. Plenty of space on my host... if I can help let me know.
  7. I can't seem to get this torch flicker fix to work with Forge. Is there any way to get it working with Forge or am I stuck waiting for Mojang to fix it?
  8. My wife is having issues with THE CAR MOD V2.2. It loads in the game, but none of the controls work properly. Here's the log... Thanks!
  9. I use Forge and Optifine 1.3.2_HD_U_B3. They work fine for me.
  10. Check out this reply to someone else that was having issues with the same mods... http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,1963.msg15619.html#msg15619
  11. Try updating to the current version of Forge. I run the minimap, optifine and NEI with no problems. Edit: To be more specific, I use Forge v4.0.0.248, CodeChickenCore 0.6.0, and NotEnoughItems I used the instructions provided for installing NEI. Both Code Chicken and NEI are in the coremods folder. OptiFine_1.3.2_HD_U_B3 is copied to the minecraft.jar ReiMinimap_v3.2_05 is in the mods folder. That's my setup, Hope it helps.
  12. Did you delete the META-INF from minecraft.jar?
  13. Just wanted to say that you all are awesome. I just recently started playing minecraft after my son suggested it. I thought it was fairly boring at first. I started looking at mods, and came across the ICBM mod. Since then I have installed several of the Forge mods and have been playing everyday. If it wasn't for you guys I would have tossed this game to the side and never looked at it again.
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