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  1. Furnaces and several other blocks are still broken. Strange thing is that with the Minecart w/ Furnace, it shows the furnace's front texture...
  2. Where can I get that fixed OptiFine? When I get the one from Minecraft Forums and put it in Magic Launcher, it gives me this error: Missing class member: public (Lave;Ljw;F)V drawBlockDamageTexture, class: avb, mod: OptiFine_1.3.2_HD_U_B3.zip Missing class member: public (Lrj;)V curePotionEffects, class: jw, mod: OptiFine_1.3.2_HD_U_B3.zip
  3. How am I supposed to use OptiFine if Forge isn't compatible with it?
  4. Hello. I'm running the latest version of Forge, and I'm using the MCPatcher HD Patch for my custom Rustic TP. A few blocks are broken, such as glass (it's see-through, but has its' frame) and furnaces (one side is glitched, allowing me to look underground.) Can anybody help me with this?
  5. I tried to install and use Explosives+, which apparently required BOTH ModLoader and Forge, but Forge failed to read it... Here's the log. (I also installed ONLY Forge, since ML and Forge conflicted with each other.)
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