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  1. When do you think a fix will be up? (assuming there's going to be one)
  2. I'm sorry if I shouldn't be posting here since it's been around 8 days since the last post. I saw there was a topic for this, and I didn't want to create another thread. Anyways... Mods in order of Installation: By using Google, I couldn't really find anything on it. It is a Japanese mod, and not many people seem to know about it here in the US so the only thing I was getting was more people complaining that Forge doesn't work with the mod. Crash Report from within Minecraft (yes, I repeated it, since I didn't save it anywhere the first time): ForgeModLoader-client-0.log I believe Modloader.txt doesn't apply here since I didn't have to install it with Forge What causes the crash to kick in: I've only tried opening a world. That will normally cause the crash, and I believe joining a server will, too.
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