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  1. Wasn't there some problem with MC Patcher? I know I have never played around with it since I run Linux and it's winblows only. Besides, MMC has all the downgradibility I need, and my graphics card isn't really good enough to run HD Texture Packs. I do run Faithful Pack 32x, though, along with Forge and Optifine, and don't have any problems. BTW MC patcher works with Mac and Linux. I have a Mac and it works fine. Just get the Jar file. Will try out optifine.
  2. Hi I am using FML with NEI installed. And with a HD texture pack, some of the mobs are white It is the only mod I have installed. I am using the Faithful texture pack,(32 x 32) I have ran MC patcher on the jar. This only started happening when I installed FML. This does not happen with the default texture pack, only HD ones. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks
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