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  1. So after watching a video for ICBM, I continue to install forge, and the following mods that are require to run ICBM along with ICBM. Afterwards I experience pretty much general lag. Slow world and block updates and FPS Drop. I tried lowering the settings as far as they would go but still, unbearable lag. So I proceed to uninstall the mods and just have forge, still unbearable lag. I've never had this issue before, but it's also my first time using Forge 4.0 Normally my computer can run full graphics on Max FPS, so I don't understand why Forge would lag so bad. The following mods I had installed at the time were Universal Electricity V.70 Atomic Science V.0.3 ICBM V.0.5 (No optifine) I'd really appreciate any help anyone could give me.
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