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  1. Injected a hook myself to get my mod fully updated, but I still think we need this event added.
  2. It will be fixed in the next MCP update. http://mcp.ocean-labs.de/files/mcptest/methods.csv EDIT: Already fixed in latest MCP...
  3. Lex is cut from an extremely common cloth here on the interwebs.. Whether your's or his, arrogance and insecurity take on many forms when filtered through a keyboard and display. He has given immeasurable gifts to the modding community, so get over it.
  4. I miss onChatMessageReceived()... We have a ClientChatReceivedEvent, can we get one server-side?
  5. Overmind, this isn't exactly following your post rules but you asked me to report and I don't know where else to put it. In ServerConfigurationManager we have the following; /** A set containing the OPs. */ private Set ops = new HashSet(); private Set whiteListIPs = new HashSet(); and; public Set getIPWhiteList() { return this.whiteListIPs; } public Set getNamesWhiteList() { return this.ops; } as well as; public boolean isAllowedToLogin(String par1Str) { par1Str = par1Str.trim().toLowerCase(); return !this.whiteListEnforced || this.ops.contains(par1Str) || this.whiteListIPs.contains(par1Str); } I don't think I have to point out what is wrong here.
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