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  1. i made sure both installs are exactly the same thing before even posting that last post
  2. k found the report, it seems like its a networking problem but when i take away all the modloader mods it works fine, can anyone tell me how i could fix this? i really want these mods to work together im trying anything to get em to work over LAN Error Report:
  3. so where would i find a log for an internal server error?
  4. does anyone know how i can get modloader mods to work with forge over lan? every time i try i get a server error.... but no error report prints just something saying i have an internal server error. im running Forge 4.1.1
  5. More Rocks mod is incompatible with FML i load it up and get a black screen and it prints out this nice little error report
  6. hey, im trying to make a mod that adds different kinds of blocks, for some friends and i cant seem to figure out how to texture the blocks, i can load them just fine and they show up purple ingame, any help would be appreciated. i need to figure out how to 1: texture the blocks 2: make a block with textures on the top and bottom, that are different than the sides (kinda like a log) 3: texture slabs and i was wanting to do this using forges infinite sprite system, so if anyone would like to explain to me what id need to do, to accomplish this id appreciate it
  7. so through tinkering i got it to work ish, i need help figuring out how to get More Rocks mod to have a texture index for FML since the thing was originally written for Modloader, and has clunky code, i was just wondering what code i need to make my own texture index, and bind each texture to each block. ill also need to know how to do that with slabs and a block that uses 1 texture for the sides and another for top and bottom
  8. More Crafting: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1037595-132-morecrafting-v094-smp-15000-dl-61-new-crafting-recipes/page__hl__%20morecrafting More Rocks: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1419864-132-hardstone-morerocks-smallchanges/ Compacted Blocks: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/910196-132-macs-mods-blaze-tools-compacted-blocks-extra-options/ i think more rocks is throwing the error though, because without it all my other mods work, now im just trying to get it to work with the other mods
  9. any idea what? because i have been custom tailoring these mods to my needs
  10. So, this modpack im making to goof around with friends started to work..... and then i wander about 15 blocks away from spawn and it errors like this and these are the mods im running
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