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  1. hi guys, i was working on some code earlier, and i have come across an issue that revolves around automation. when creating a new furnace for example, what is recommended: use the basic way that minecraft deals with automation, fuel top, input sides, and out put bottom, OR do i go the way of most mods and have fuel in bottom, input in top and output on the side. feed back much appreciated
  2. right, ive got my mod upto date on the latest forge, but when i run it, the console spams errors such as 2013-07-05 16:52:38 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] Using missing texture, unable to load: nature:textures/items/ingotTitanium.png 2013-07-05 16:52:38 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] Using missing texture, unable to load: nature:textures/items/strangeDust.png 2013-07-05 16:52:38 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] Using missing texture, unable to load: nature:textures/items/fibre.png 2013-07-05 16:52:38 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] Using missing texture, unable to load: nature:textures/items/oilDrop.png yet they still all appear in game as what they are meant to look like, any suggestions? or is it just a bug with the latest version?
  3. i beg to differ with that, i learned programming via modding, and i can now program quite well...
  4. hey guys, im trying to get my custom sounds to play when i right click an item. when i right click it, i get no errors, but also no audio, can anyone help me out here? my sound reg code my item code
  5. same error, i copied the texture code from the BlockTallGrass.class this time and still having issues
  6. ah thank you, that seemed to have fixed it [edit] nevermind, im still having some issues
  7. so yeah as the title says i need some help with how to get textures to work on meta data blocks. this is my code for the block and this is the error im getting:
  8. hi, ive made some custom planks, but i want them to be able to make all the vanilla stuff like workbenches and things, do i have to make the crafting recipes for them, or is there an easier way?
  9. thank you so much, now i under stand it
  10. it kinda makes sense, but im not too great with hash maps, i followed most of a tutorial for creating the 2 input furnace, still thanks for the help
  11. Hi guys, im trying to work out how i add a smelting recipe that can do the following. how can i make a recipe that could for say, smelt 9 iron ore into 1 iron block. now, the custom furnace i am making has 2 item inputs excluding the fuel slot can anybody help?
  12. thanks for the help but that inst exactly what im after. the block is similar to a furnace, so when the block is active i want part of the model to be moving, however every other block using the model, that isnt active also moves.
  13. hi, im trying to make a custom render for a block that has parts rotating while its active (much like a mill in a windmill). so far i have got it to render, but i cant figure out how to do the rotations. atm, it is either always rotating, not rotating or if one rotates all other blocks of the same type rotate. can anybody help me? here is the code = (sorry, its very messy) BlockGrinder: TileEntityGrinder: RenderGrinder: ModelGrinder:
  14. right what you will want is something like this: you will need a variable to be stored somewhere, something like isUpsideDown = false; on block added, check to see if there is a block above it, if so set isUpsideDown = true; then have it change the bounding box dependant on whether or not upsidedown is true or not and then same for texture that code might work (it goes into your block file) , im in college right now so i cant access my code, but if you havent solved it by when i get home ill make some working code, hope this helps!
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