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  1. Can someone point me t'wards a good tutorial for 1.7.10 minecraft forge structure generation. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I got it working. It is now 1.8 because I made a forge src mistake. My textures do not load but everything else works. Would you mind taking a look at the code? https://github.com/TeamBW/NetherEnhancements
  3. Ok, So my assets and mcmod.info were working just fine all up until I changed the default build.gradle to have the proper class, id and version. I'm using IntelliJ Idea. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  4. So I would like to know how I can make a mod that will make it rain in "hot" biomes such as deserts and savannas? Thanks
  5. Hi, So i have a question. It may just be me. But am I the only one who goes into survival in my dev workspace and cant break blocks?
  6. I got items to work, My blocks and ore gen still dont work
  7. https://github.com/BackWoodsMod/TheBackWoods-1.8 My code is there. Problems: My Items render as a block in my inventory Blocks and Items have no texture (I dont know how to get the textures to work) I am also having trouble updating my OreGeneration Class
  8. I am still having trouble getting my items and blocks to get textures can i get any help.
  9. Ok, Now i cant get the textures to work, Here is my code https://github.com/BackWoodsMod/TheBackWoods-1.8 and my items render as a block in my inventory Ive tried everything i can think of.
  10. I found another bug with the creative tab. http://puu.sh/d793Y/d9eb0374d3.png When in tab 2/2 it still shows the > arrow
  11. http://puu.sh/d73n7/8b368831bc.png As seen here there is a random backslash
  12. How do i register items and blocks in forge 1.8
  13. I have my code here, I just synced it a second ago https://github.com/BackWoodsMod/BackWoodsMod
  14. So i have tried and i can not get my stairs and slabs to work. I as well have tried to get my techne model for a mod to load but it is not working. So how can i fix these problems.
  15. I guess i did not word that properly either. I mean like you know how you enchant an item and the color of the name changes. That is what I would like to know. As well as how to add a lore. I'm sure i got it right this time.
  16. Thanks, And i messed up what i said on (question b) I meant How do i change the color of the item/block.
  17. So i am new to modding and i have 3 topics i dont know. How do i add a custom tree to the game. How do i change the name of items and blocks as well as the lore. And Lastly How do i properly make a configuration. Such as disabling a block if set to true or disabling a biome if set to true
  18. Hi, Does anyone know what code i would have to type to go about making vanilla minecraft chests be able to be placed next to eachother. For example 2 double chests next to each other with out a space between double chests. And i dont want to have to add my own chests.
  19. Hi, I have looked at tons of tutorials on the ore dictionary and i cant seem to find anything that works. I am trying to add some of my ores to the ore dictionary, for example i try to do [embed=425,349]OreDictionary.registerOre("copperOre", oreCopper);[/embed] this is in the preInit stage I have tried that many times and it does not work. Can someone please help me.
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